We had a fantastic day in Arizona yesterday. The drive through the mountains out of Flagstaff was gorgeous.

Interestingly, the Old Road doesn’t offer as much in Arizona, compared to the top two states in our opinion so far (Illinois and Missouri). But we went off-road and saw lots of wonderful ruins. For the record, Winslow was a bit of a disappointment, but I’m glad we stopped.

There was Arizona:


The desert — beautiful, but desolate. And talk about hot. I realized yesterday I’ve never felt heat before. I didn’t know hot till last night and today:

At least it’s only going to be 95 in San Bernardino today. Hey…San Bernardino…we’re almost to the end! I just realized that, sitting here at 6:50 in the morning, wrapped in a blanket because the Thriller has the AC down to about 65. Grr. But he’s a good boy — he went out into the 92-degree morning to find coffee and breakfast for us.

Needles is hot. Did I mention this?

More from the Pacific shores tomorrow. Stay cool!

6 thoughts on “California

  1. Mavis

    Wow! Gorgeous scenery. Mountains are my friends.

    115 degrees??!!! I hope you put sunblock on your little nose!

    You’re almost to the end of the road. Well, the trip back looks to be just as exciting for you both! You’re staying at the Wigwam tonight!! Take many photos. Oh, don’t forget to settle in on time to watch Mad Men!

    Love you both!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Got it, Mave! We’ve already discussed making sure we’re back in the Wigwam by 10 p.m. — that is, if my old creaky bod can stay awake that late!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Did not! I even got a picture of the sign! We went through Kingman as well…and today, we’ll hit Barstow. Ding ding ding! :P~~~

      The only city we missed was OK City — and that was a pleasure to miss, because we took a left turn to visit some special fiends….

  2. Greg

    Wrapped in a blankie?? Passers-by might think there’s a little old lady in the car being driven around by a chauffer (heh, heh!!). Like “Driving Mizz Linda??”

  3. Stoney

    I would fall over and die in that heat. All your pics are beautiful-thanks for posting them. My favorites are the Muffler Men. They are so cool. Enjoy the Wigwam tonight!


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