Checking in again

All right, fiends — how is your weekend shaping up?

Last night, the Thriller and I went to M-town to get a few things, and ended up going to five different places, including a stop we rarely make: the mall.

At that mall is a lovely store in which I could spend the better part of a day (and of my paycheck): yikes. But I managed to escape with only this new little toy, and God bless the Thriller, he bought me a new griddle, which I’m not even sure will fit on my tiny little kitchen counter top. S’ok — I’ll use it on the dining room table. Kidding. :-)

The Js arrive tonight for a fun sleepover, which means I have got to get to work today. So little to do, so much time. Stop. Wait. Reverse that.

Happy Saturday! I’m off to check off the list.

4 thoughts on “Checking in again

  1. Country Mouse

    1) send son and spouse out to try to make a trade on a car
    2) clean house
    3) bake cookies for cookie walk
    4) drag out the Christmas ornaments
    4) host a “cookie baking event” at church
    5) spouse’s company Christmas party
    6) church
    7) Cookie Walk at church
    8) decorate bare tree that is sitting in the living room
    9) AU Festival of Lights
    That should about do it!!!

  2. Skylar

    I have a recital to hear today, a wrestling meet to play at tomorrow, and three days that will become reading days because I only have to study for one exam and build a model production set for another. Blarg.


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