Checking in

How’s everyone doing?

Posts will be a bit on the thin side for the next couple of days, but I still live and breathe. What happened to teachers having all this free time in the summer, hmm? Lying on a raft in the pool with a book? Not this little rodent. Too much to do…

So I know BoomR is planning a huge voyage this summer, and that Greg just returned from Alaska. Anyone else going anywhere fun? I must keep tabs on all my fiends.

Yo homie, smell ya later.

6 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Will

    Was going to do a comic book convention in either Chicago or Toronto in August but it’s looking more like I’ll just have to settle for a King’s Island or Cedar Point trip. A pity but oh well.

  2. PKPudlin

    Is heading to Pittsburgh in 2 weeks to see my daughter in a play and then on from there to Cali-for-ni-a to visit my mom in her new digs. Lots of girl time!

    As much as I love Rosie, mom’s machine does everything except change the oil in the car, so I’m looking forward to playing with it.


  3. Greg

    Alaska was amazing!! Had a long-distance bear encounter and saw many bald eagles. Oh, yeah, the food on the ship was top-notch. My waiter, Ekky, made sure I had plenty of food each night! Vacations are a great way to get away from the hum-drum reality that plagues us at home. Having said that, I’m back into the maelstrom once again. Might even start thinking about Dinner Theatre one of these days!

  4. RD

    Grab hold of your seat. My summer travels will totally wow you! :-) This summer I’m exploring with a push mower various and sundry lawns in A town . I’m venturing out to Canton every Sunday morning with a return trip in the afternoon. In July I’ll travel to western PA to speak at my first pastorate out of seminary. That began 43 years ago. In August I’ll make a trip to the Hoosier state for a family reunion and to celebrate my mother’s 94th birthday. Mid-October I’ll head to the sunshine state for the winter. We want to take a cruise in the next year to celebrate our 50th, but we haven’t made a definite decision about where and when.

  5. Hannah

    This summer, you can hardly call it that, it seems soooooo Busy. This past week we went to NY to see my dad’s family, there was some pretty fun times :) Now we are back and on Wednesday we go to Alive, a 5 day Christian music festival :) When we get back from that, I start Drivers Ed. Oh Joy.*cue sarcasm* Then when I get done with that Mom and I go to El Salvador. I am soo looking forward to the bonding and experiences that await for me there :) After that, the day we get back, we go to Bible Missionary Conference at Beulah Beach, the best place in the world, I love it for a week and by the time we get back from that it’s August and that only means 1 thing BAND CAMP :) It’s my favorite :). After that there is one week left until School starts :( I don’t think I’ll have time to breathe :)

  6. Kodye

    Lots of shows. Most people call them concerts, though. Just in the next two months I have Alive Festival, two Warped Tours, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and countless dubstep shows in Columbus. Busy, busy summer.


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