Coffee break’s over…

…back on your heads.

I wonder if any of my students (past or present) remember that joke. Heh.

So anyway, after a long weekend (some of you will notice I was unable to attend the inservice yesterday), it’s back to the grind. At least I got the paper done. Not sure if it’s what she wants, but…

I have an RNF or nine this day.

  1. OK, so I joined Facebook soon after it was first launched, and just let the account sit there. Then I went away because of school commitments. When I came back, the place was crawling with people. I like it. I like to comment on people’s posts.
  2. Does anyone go to MySpace anymore? I ended up deleting my account there because of all the silliness (a thousand surveys about kissing a boy, spam in the inbox, ugly-ugly-UGLY profile designs by people left to their own devices, etc.).
  3. Today I am driving the Thriller’s “classic” Mercedes Benz to school so he can take the Mighty Ford Ranger to Cleveland for a meeting. (The fact that he is not driving the Mercedes should give you a rough indication of its overall condition and roadworthiness. Yeah.)
  4. Speaking of Cleveland — this Saturday, Young Frankenstein the Musical!!
  5. I will never, ever, ever, ever choose to visit Boston. (Been there, nice town, but the mere mention of the name just makes me mad nowadays.)
  6. How did I get detention duty and parking lot duty on the SAME DAY? Becky must hate me.
  7. The Thriller bought me a new computer on Saturday, and I haven’t had the time to set it up yet. It’s sitting in its box in my parlor. Amazing. So unlike me. Ugh…
  8. Last night I read A Nation at Risk, and Michael Apple’s commentary on it. That is an hour out of my life I will never get back.
  9. What are Don and Betty Draper doing?!?!?!

There is much more on my reptilian brain this morning, but alas, I must fly. Gotta load my stuff into that classic Mercedes and head to Green Town for detention duty.



10 thoughts on “Coffee break’s over…

  1. Kodye

    I remember that joke, too. And I still use myspace. I’d get rid of mine it myspace music didn’t have almost every single album ever on it, to listen to for free. Best music player in the world. Just for that music player I’ll put up with kissing surveys, unsigned rappers wanting to be my friend, and awful background designs on peoples pages.

  2. BoomR

    RE: #2 – I still have my MySpace, but rarely check in over there. While I never got lots of surveys there, I get a BOATLOAD of them over on Facebook, not to mention all the Farmland, Farmtown, Vampire Wars, Mafia Wars crap that I don’t have time for & think I finally figured out how to block from my newsfeed. Don’t people have lives & jobs? LOL (ducking)

    RE: #5 – No more Boston? BU-UUUU-HUUUUUUU *sniffle* **wipe tear**

    RE: #7 – why do you need another computer? You’ve got the Mighty Mac now… is there no other?? **smooch**

    RE: #9 – Clearly whatever D & B are doing, they’re not doing it with each other. More importantly, how the H-E-double-toothpicks is Sal gonna explain getting fired to his beard…er…wife? Students of RF: stop reading now!
    (waiting just a moment for dramatic pause…)
    Personally, I think Sal should find Mr. Lucky Strike, kiss & make up and “take one for the team” & in the process steal a sock or a cufflink or something that he can use to blackmail Lucky Strike in order to get his job back.

    Thank heavens nothing ever happens like that in real life…

    Off to my favorite electronics store….again… Life is good!

    ((HUGGERS)) all around the room!

    B to the oomR

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      #9 – you may have just written the next direction for Sal’s character!

      And yeah, I wasn’t expecting a new machine — what a surprise! And, unlike the MBP, I’m actually able to keep this one at home. :-)

      Hope you’re having a good week!


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