Coffee With a “Wow” Factor?



At least that’s what Starbucks founder/CEO Howard Schultz told the eleventy million Starbucks employees that they needed at a video training session. I guess the message was important enough to shut down every Starbucks store for 3 hours last night. If nothing else, it was a gutsy move.

“We’ve lost our way,” he began. *sniff*

As I slurp my own version of a Starbucks drink (regular coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup and whipped cream out of the can), I ponder: can coffee have a “wow” factor? Will watching a barista take her time with the espresso drip and pour the foam onto my latte instead of spoon it, and make eye contact with me and smile make me go, Wow, man…?

Right now, the only thing that makes me go wow is the price. $3 for a cuppa. That ain’t wow…that’s more like shock and awe.

But hey. The ambience and experience of the tragically hip coffee bar figure into it as well, right?


They just better by-golly be open when I get there this morning.

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