Could it be?

Could it really be Finkday, finally? I think so.

Jake arrives tonight for a weekend with Grammie & Grandpa Thriller. Taking this child to a wedding will be fun; he positively loves to dance, so here we go.

Last week, the textbook arrived for the Very Last Graduate Course I Will Ever Take in My Long-Legged Life. On 13 December, it’s all over. Par. Tee. Time. But it fills me with a bit of angst, you know? It’s been awhile since I balanced the whole “teach all day, rehearse till 8 p.m., then come home and start working” thing. I mean, I’m fifty now…the university (and indeed, the universe) should cut me a break. Give me extra time. Stuff like that.

So what are your weekend plans? Football games? Gigs at Chamberlain’s in Dallas (I really wish I could be there)? Playing a club in Florida? Having family over? Chained to homework? Share. I covet your articulate and compendious thoughts.

But for now, I am late for the shower and the Mighty Ford Ranger. Off into the rainy morning I go.


11 thoughts on “Could it be?

  1. Meg

    HA! We too are invited to a wedding this weekend. It’s in Ash-land. I will be working…argh.

    How did you like Julie & Julia?? Luv it!?

  2. PKPudlin

    I’m going to employ a crowbar to get my hubby away from the computer and get some things done around the house. All those projects he was going to do when I was at the conference last weekend? Zero. Zip. Zilch. None. Nada. Then I’m headed to the UNC Chapel Hill Music Library and get lost in the stacks for a while. Not too exciting, but hopefully productive.

  3. mathman

    going to enjoy the ever present sun out here. I have met someone very special and I think I am going to take her out this weekend if she agrees I am very excited.

  4. Suzanne

    My Finkday is tomorrow, I don’t mind since H usually works Saturdays, too. No plans at all except to take it easy once work is done. Have a nice weekend with The Little Guy–and Jakey too HAHAHAH I kill myself. :)

  5. Will

    Walking over to the mall to pay my cell phone bill, get my hair cut, then see a movie. I’m think Inglorious B******s but might see Ponyo or (500) Days of Summer.

  6. BoomR

    Just got back home from the gig. There was a table of 6 gals that came in to PARTY – one of the gals was moving to Chicago, so this was their last weekend to let their hair down together. TRUST… they did! LORDY could those girls drink…and the more they drank, the louder & the worse their singing got. THANK YOU LORD JESUS that they were at one of the tables near the piano and NOT **at** the piano. **I** would have had to start drinking LOL. But a great time was had by all… at one point everyone up & dancing. Wish you WERE there! **SMEWCH**


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