Dear deer…

…may you rest in pieces.

Almost a year after our interesting I-71 debacle with the flying boxes, the Finkmobile gets into another jam — this time, with flying animals.

[The only reason I’m making light of this is because my son, who was driving my car at the time, his wife and my grandsons were unhurt.]

We’d traded cars yesterday, and #1 Son had just come home from the road, and was looking forward to a fun day with his sons at the zoo today. R & R over the weekend was apparently on the schedule as well. Instead, he got a car full of Bambi’s mom. Fortunately, after some major body work, it’ll all be good as new, but for now, it’s not so pretty. I just thank the good Lord it wasn’t the windshield that took the brunt:





Since another car hit the deer after my son, he called the law and notified them. They came out to his house, looked at the damage, and provided the only thumbs-up event of the evening. Hence, the very excited 3-year-old:


Too much close-call stuff for Grammie Fink last night. But hey, another paint job, couple o’ new doors, some new headlights…it could be worse. :-)

5 thoughts on “Dear deer…

  1. Heather

    Amen! I was quite upset at first, but it definitely could have been worse! First of all, and most important, no one was hurt. Second, Sean was driving, not me – don’t get me wrong, I am a good driver, but, if I have to be in an accident, I pick him to be the driver as he is the most defensive, experienced driver I know, and I feel safer with no one else. Third, you are correct – absolutely no broken glass and nothing mechanical is wrong, no rubbing or anything – I even still drove it today – hey, you don’t get to drive a vehicle adorned in fur very often! (Ew! I am trying hard to not think about that, really, I am!) Also, Jacob didn’t even spill his snack, as he was quite proud to tell me after he realized what had happened! And last, how often does a 3-year-old get to sit in the front seat of a patrol car, get a badge for himself and his brother, and then tell the officer that his dad’s truck is still cooler!? :)

  2. BoomR

    OUCH!!!! Like you, just very thankful no broken bones on the humans, no broken glass, etc. And big thumbs up for all the highway patrol stuff for the kids!

    Hope you have a great weekend, kiddo! xoxoxo

  3. RD

    I’m so thankful that no one was physically injured. Though it’s an incovenience and a hassle to go through, the car can be repaired. Years ago, when we lived in PA. I hit a deer. I was on the way to visit a person in the hospital. The deer came out of nowhere. I never saw it until after the impact. Then I saw it flopping along the side of the road. On impact the hood of the car popped up and blocked the windshield so that I couldn’t see where I was going. Fortunately, I was able to force the hood back down far enough that I could see. The radiator was not damaged so I was able to continue my trip to the hospital. That’s my deer story, and I’m sticking to it!

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    RD — what a story! I’ve always feared that happening for whatever reason (the hood flying open thing). Truth is, I think deer are attracted to steady lights; they seem to want to come to your car to see what it is!

    Thanks, BoomBoom — total relief that nobody was hurt (and apparently the deer didn’t suffer much, either). The damage actually doesn’t look as bad as the photos make it look, if that makes any sense.


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