Dies irae

Yep, I’m mad today. Stupid insomnia anyhow.

For some reason, I awoke at 1 a.m. It’s been me against the world ever since. Howdya like that? Mood: completely annoyed.

At least I will be studentless today. That will help my mood, although filing the Mt. Everest of music stacked on my file cabinets won’t.

I must also check on the status of my new computers. I hope to hear good news. That will help my mood, although finding out they haven’t been ordered won’t.

I will finally have time for studying this weekend. That will help my mood, although the subject matter — and the fact that I am sick of all this and I don’t even want it anymore — won’t.

I hope there is cake left over from yesterday. That will help my mood, although going in and finding only the plastic snake decorations won’t.

I am crabby today. For many reasons. Why do I hate so many things? For instance, this morning I especially hate:

  1. That life is often cruel.
  2. This headache.
  3. The fact that I always, always choose to look in the wrong pocket first.
  4. That I am often unable to remember what was said to me five minutes ago.
  5. Mean people.
  6. That I am weeks behind in studying already, and …
  7. …that it doesn’t really matter. (PK – you called it quits close to the end…you’re OK with it, aren’t you?)
  8. My inability to figure it all out.
  9. Rehashing everything I did wrong this year.
  10. Missing Lars and Helen.

But hey…one thing I don’t hate is cooking Italian tonight with paisan Pruke Liddy. Bellissima.

Ciao, diavoli.

11 thoughts on “Dies irae

  1. mathman


    I am in one of those moods today also, I did not sleep well either. I have had a great ten years at South Central I am however looking forward to the change. I cannot wait to get out there and get settled in. You guys (lunch bunch are the greatest it has been great sharing that time with you everyday. I will miss all of you, but I will try to stay in touch.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You’d better stay in touch! Make sure you send an email on day one so I can get you in my address book. SCMS won’t be the same without you!

      1. mathman

        going to keep this email for a year but will send you the new one also I will continue to read your blog page. Jax you are great I will miss you alot.

  2. Greg

    Add this to things you hate:

    11. Losing your keys!

    “Dies Irae, Dies Illa” – day of wrath, day of woe!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Oh yeah…I forgot #11!

      PS – got yer mail about Birdie, pal. Stoney and Bonnie are in there today, cleaning out the costume room.

  3. BoomR

    I am keeping fingers/toes crossed that your new MacBook (or is it MacBook Pro?) indeed **HAS** been ordered & that it’s winging it’s way to you soon!!

    PS…great pic of the lunch bunch – except where were you? Digital camera doesn’t have self-timer?? LOL

    Mom/Dad BoomR have no doubt begun their trek from Iowa to Dallas this morning. Looking forward to their visit & having them help me celebrate this weekend. You should bring your books/studies & join us!!


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’m pretty sure it’s a Pro! And boy would I love to come and relax at the BoomVox manse…but I think you might just have your hands full as it is!! Let me know how it goes!

  4. PKPudlin

    Sweetie, the situation at BU was/is getting worse and worse. Online students seemed to be faceless and inhuman and are being treated that way more and more. The instructors take verbal liberties with online students that they would never dare to take with in-class students. To top it off, BU changed the rules midstream with this whole QE business. They are offering students a performance degree while making them do work for a writing/research degree. The program is just wrong and misguided and being led by egomaniacs. Of course, this is just my humble opinion. But at 50+ years of age, I don’t have the time, patience or inclination to put up with games like that anymore.

    Yes I am okay with it. I learned a lot in the 9 classes I completed, not the least of which is that I want NOTHING to do with music education in the classroom setting. When I found myself answering a seemingly endless stream of totally irrelevant questions with, ‘Who gives a rip?’, I knew it was time. Leaving the program was the right decision for me. Only you can make the right decision for you. Make sure, however that you are continuing for the right reasons. Don’t do it for me, for the Thriller, for Jake, for God or anybody else. Don’t do it because you’re afraid of what someone else will say if you quit. If you do it, do it for yourself.


  5. Bando

    When is the next Panera adventure? Dies irae describes my day perfectly….*rolls eyes* I love being hired to do a job and get no support as I am trying to do it. Grrr…


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