Fah-who Foraze

Welcome, Yule! All things will be new.

As I sit on this icy morning (when no one should be on the roads, and judging by the absolute silence outside, many agree), drinking coffee, enjoying the quiet and my lovely Christmas tree lights, I realize that it’s up to me to make a new start. No one else is going to do it for me: not my friends or my boss or my family or the incoming president. I’m afraid it’s up to the fink in the mirror.

And I’m not even waiting until 2017. How about now?

I confess I’ve been in a terrible funk since Tuesday, 8 November, and I haven’t wanted to write. My entire energy store was depleted just trying to be civil and keep my head up about the horrifying reality that smart people about whom I care deeply thought that a monster with one thing on his mind (the “one thing” definitely not being the welfare of our country, but the enriching of his personal wealth, brought to bear in no uncertain terms by his selections for the sham of a Cabinet that will be with us for at least the next four years), and whose savagery included regular, unmitigated attacks against women, minorities, and anyone who looks, talks or thinks differently than white male was somehow the right choice for leader of the free world.

I confess I’ve struggled with actually *wanting* things to go south, just so I could say, “This is who you wanted, and now we all bear the reap of what you have sown.”

But, dah-who doraze, that ain’t gonna cut it. That makes no one miserable except me. And it’s not nice; it wasn’t the way I was raised. I’ve gone on record in writing several times about absolutely hating mean people, and here I was, being a mean person but calling it something else in the name of righteous indignation. Nah. It was just meanyheadedness. So I need to cut that out.

I can’t wear the responsibility of the entire world as a hat. I need to just be a good person, and love my family and friends, and be secure in my faith and my humanity that I’m doing everything I can to make life around me better — or at least to not make it worse. I need to be the best wife, mom, Grammie, sister, teacher and friend I can be. I need to make being around me NOT a chore.

It’s easy to be hard, ya know. Easy to be cold. I tell my choirs all the time, “It’s easy to sing poorly; many, many people do it, and with no effort at all. It’s difficult to sing well, but that’s what I want for you.” Mama needs to heed her own advice and apply that epithet to the rest of life.

Serenity amidst turmoil — if you can swing that, you can do just about anything. That’s the focus from today forward.

Christmas day will always be, just so long as we have we.

I’m glad I have all of you Whos. ;-)


12 thoughts on “Fah-who Foraze

  1. Kay

    You’re the best!!!!!
    Hopefully the next 4 years will bring out more bests than worsts in the little people. We are going to need each other for love, support and confirmation that most do not eat greed for breakfast. I’m thankful I have you, we’re on this journey together.

  2. Mavis

    AMEN, BIRD! I totally agree, hon. We’re all pretty much renting space on this earth, so lets make our families and friends our priorities. Everything else will be what it will be. Like my husband always says, “It is what it is.” I also agree with Kay – you ARE the best! Thanks for making me sit up and take notice. We can’t wallow in what will be in the next 4 years, but we can sure work at making our “space” a bit brighter. I can’t wait for our Christmas Eve celebration! Lets give a few extra hugs that night, shall we?! I love you, sis.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      How about lots of extry hugs!? Remember the song Mother always used to play on the record player? “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” (I won’t mention the horrible person who sang it…)

      We definitely need to make our space happier — we will do this. Love you Mave!

  3. Ross Bonander

    Leonard Bernstein’s response to the JFK assassination: “This will be our reply to violence: we will make music more beautifully than ever before.” (paraphrased)

  4. David

    I think that one of the most elusive things in life is perspective. Sometimes near impossible to get a grip on and oftentimes so easily lost in the midst of difficulties.
    You my Finkster friend are a bright, compassionate and brilliant thinker…I wasn’t worried! ?
    Remember nothing is etched in stone except history.
    I was in my own funk about the reality of 11/8/16…just decided to firmly and positively impact that which was within my realm of influence, and lose no energy over that which I cannot impact. Sleep is elusive enough for me ?
    It was great to hear and feel and sense the essence that is distinctly Ms Fink here again! ??

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Nothing is etched except history — so right! I want my contributions to history to be good ones. Sometimes I struggle with that. Love you Dave — you’re the best!

  5. RD

    Wow! A wonderfully transparent and deeply personal post about you self reflection. I was especially struck by your statement, “Serenity amidst turmoil.” Jesus had that in the horrendous turmoil and torture of his passion week. Beyond that he amazingly promised to give His peace to us. John 14:27. Thanks for sharing! You encouraged me to do some deep reflection of my own, and that’s a good thing.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey friend — indeed He suffered the worst of all turmoil. That totally means I can handle four years of T***p. Thanks for the encouragement; I love you!

  6. Suzanne

    Aww being around you is NEVER a chore!! I haven’t felt the funk that many have, probably because I live way over there ———————————->> and have a 2nd passport. While I was disappointed and shocked at recent developments and cringe every time said developments cross my news pages I feel that all I can do is wait and see. I really do hope that in one year some people can say ” We told you so” but………

    Wait and see. Be positive in the meantime!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’m hoping that some good will come out of this disaster, but you’re right — we have no option but to sit and wait. I promise to try and be positive! Hugs!


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