Fastenin’ my safety belt…

…I’m takin’ off again.

What’s with the song lyric titles lately? This makes the third day in a row. Am I doing that which I yammer on about with regard to what my students do on Facebook (post bizarre lyrics at random with no artist credit)?

Why yes, I am. :P But I’m happy to identify Bad Company as the author of the lyric. There. Where’s the “like” button on this post?

Everything’s packed and ready to go:

  • various & sundry electronics and their chargers
  • outfits for tomorrow and possibly Sunday, if I end up staying over
  • little black fan for the hotel room (for the compulsory white noise)
  • camera for lots of photos with family, some of whom I haven’t seen in over 30 years

Is that it, Mavis? Anything missing? I think that’s about OH CRAP. I’ve paid not a single bill. NUTS.

Gotta git — hugs to all, I’ll check in tonight from the shores of Lake Michigan

Fink, late again

2 thoughts on “Fastenin’ my safety belt…

  1. Mavis

    Sounds like your list is complete, Bird! You just be careful, honey. Man. I sure wish I could go with you!!! :-( I HATE BEING OLD AND SICK!

    Yes, do take as many pictures as possible! Love you!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I was going to say, “You’re only as old as you feel,” but that would put us both at around 106, HA

      There will be photographs! Stay tuned!


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