happygrlFiends, the Fink is much obliged and humbled by the emails, text messages and comment posts of encouragement regarding the recent disappointment. Thanks also to Seamus and Hannah (#1 Son and Jakey’s Mom) for bringing Jake over to see me on Monday night. It was a daymaker. Anyway, I heart you all.

It is no secret to those who know me that the word “failure” is particularly unpalatable to me. It is difficult for me to let bygones be bygones, or learn from the experience, and all the other clich├ęs which I find decidedly useless. The failure was my own. Gotta prepare better next time is all.

I had a nightmare (or five) last night. You shall now interpret, lest I throw you back in the dungeon.

I was in someone’s office, looking at set design ideas (is Greg now in my nightmares?), when I heard a horrible blowing and raining sound outside. I must have been in Florida or something, because when I looked out the window, I saw palm trees, bending almost to the breaking point against the wind. All of a sudden, I’m no longer in an office, but in a hotel room. My cell phone is buzzing somewhere, but I can’t find it. When I finally do, there’s someone on the other end (I know not who), shouting, “Where are you? Why haven’t you been answering your phone? There’s a hurricane outside!”

And that is all. If I had a beard, I would stroke it at this juncture. Lars, please do the honor on my behalf.

As always, I covet your articulate and compendious thoughts.

Fink out.

4 thoughts on “Fenks

  1. Stein

    I love the dream description. I have no clue how to interpret them and really don’t want to know some times. As a child I had a recurring dream that a cow was running up the stairs to kill me. Also 2 men dressed as nuns once pulled my foot off in la la land. Dreams can be great fun too. I also had a dream that my college band director was Darth Vader.

  2. BoomR

    Hurricanes? We can mix up a batch of those, too when you come down! (everything is a party beverage for me these days)! LOL

    Well, at least you have an idea of the general tone & makeup of questions & topics on the 2 tests that you narrowly missed passing… that should help you study more efficiently for round 2.

    BTW, were you sick the day they taught us in teacher school that tests are also a learning experience & part of the learning process?? I’ll email ya my class notes & homework so you can copy… So now you can cut yourself a little slack! :-) :-) :-)



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