I do like to observe, I’ll grant you. Then I like to comment. Behold…a morning glance at Yahoo’s “Most Emailed Photos” gives pause for Finkservations:

Seems to me the wife of the PM of Great Britain would have access to a full-length mirror.


Taken at a California fruit market. All righty...

Dude. You're the president, fuh cripesake. Granted, the president of *France*, but still...

Nope. No steroids here.

Redneck was cited for DUI on this thing. Only in Ohio.

All right. Time to hit the books (like it’ll do any good at this point).

Fink out.

3 thoughts on “Finkservations

  1. Ross

    The wife of the British PM needs to go on ‘What Not to Wear’ or on to Tim Gunn’s show. Or hire a better stylist, or one at all.

    Body building … the great freakshow collective. I just don’t get it.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I know, right? I mean, Mrs. Brown is pretty and she’s not obese. She’s a normal-sized woman, probably 14-16. But along with that goes some common sense, fuh cripesake! Don’t wear skirts that accent your trouble areas.

      And I’m sure that bodybuilder never shot anything into her hip other than Vitamin B…


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