Food on the brain

Hello, it’s one degree outside, with snow on the way — for the weekend, with a warmup on Sunday. That is so not fair. :P

Gotta get back into the writing habit. I think that’s what’s wrong with me. Lately, I’ve been off my pins. And while I’ve really enjoyed getting The Comfort Foodie up and running, and have lots of fun plans, it’s taken more of my brain resources than I thought it would.

So it’s back to thinking, researching, and firing the neurons. It’s part of my morning coffee, and I hope it’s still part of yours sometimes, wherever you are.

While I don’t have time to review it, I’ll tell you that we watched Moneyball the other night. Very good. A solid four-cheeser biopic, even if you don’t enjoy baseball or care a whit about the Oakland Athletics. Brad Pitt: one fine actor.

And now I must fly. The Slip ‘n Slide (aka My Driveway) awaits.

Happy Finkday!!

2 thoughts on “Food on the brain

  1. Will

    The fun part is that it’s supposed to get into the 50s here in Dayton in a couple of days. So no real time to enjoy the snow unluckily.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yeah, especially on a weekend! It’s actually starting to warm up here now, but not before the Thriller got to go outside and use his new snowblower. :-)


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