Gimme the beat, boys…

Me, after graduation ceremonies on the 29th.

Mama Fink needs to drift away.

Guess how many days are left this school year? Eleven (11) days remain, that’s how many. The 2015-16 year has been at the same time one of the most beautiful and most unpleasant of my 24 years as a public school teacher. Let’s just leave it at that. My students continue to make me proud, and I love our parents and community; that’s the most important thing.

Of course, it ain’t over till, well, the gigs are done. I have one on the 25th and one on the 29th, with a couple end-of-year ceremonies thrown into the mix, so we’re definitely approaching the checkered flag, which makes me (and everyone around me, trust me) happy.

Then I have a little time to breathe before the next wave. First on my mind is helping the Thriller plan our 2016 Odyssey. We’re super excited about getting away, and we have some fun activities to decide upon. If memory serves, we didn’t even do a mental-health weekender this whole school year. Not a single one. Nearly every one of my weekends was spent catching up on school work, looking at houses, spending the occasional overnighter with grandsons, preparing for contract negotiations, dealing with other Association matters, and basically just recovering from the week. No wonder I’m ready to jump off a bridge.

But hey, I’m no different than anyone trying to make a living in this world. I’m sure every one of the 130 people worldwide who read RtB can relate to or surpass my situation. I’m delighted to have a job I love and teachers who are a joy to work with and have as friends. I ain’t no malcontent, but I do have to admit it’s nice to have this personal space to air some select laundry.

Round about this time of year, I like to find out what everyone’s doing for the summer. Any special plans, fiends? Of course, I will blather on about our latest Odyssey, but what about you? Anything fun? Please don’t make me hate you by having to read that you’re going to France. That is #1 on my croak list, and I fear I’ll never get to go back. Ah, très triste. 

For now, it’s back to work on issues at hand, not the least of which is finishing negotiations and getting through the last two gigs of the year. Allez!

6 thoughts on “Gimme the beat, boys…

  1. Lori

    Can’t wait to see and hear of this year’s Odyssey! Details, please! It’s been two years and I’m getting the itch!

  2. David

    Ms Finkster it is a joy to see you! You have most certainly brightened my day!
    As I tell all my family and friends that are in the educational biz…hang in there, you can do this! I find the best “planning aide” to be three fingers of a nice 15 year single malt Scotch…repeat as often as needed for the plan to become clear. :)
    We are in the midst of negotiating a cabin rental for the month of July on a Lake; options have been narrowed to two, one in Montana outside Glacier Natl Park, the other in Colorado. Plan is to have grandkids for 10-14 days and then just the two of us chasing each other around, reading and more planning.
    Late Summer or very early Fall, I will be headed to Seattle for a couple of weeks to help my eldest with some home repair projects (sneaking in as much golf as possible).
    Love hearing about your Odyssey…always fun to vicariously enjoy the trip with you and Thriller! Peace my dear Fink!

  3. RD

    Welcome back! Love reading your posts. With the year you’ve had, you certainly deserve a sustained time of relaxation. Is your Odyssey to DC back on? We haven’t talked any summer trips because our ending time in VA is somewhat uncertain. Our Odyssey may be going to Atown for conference. Whoope! If you are headed to DC remember that we’re in VA and the welcome mat is out.

  4. Rat Fink Post author

    Thanks all! I will have photos on the way there and back, Lori — I hope we can fit everything in that we wanted to do.

    Dave — do NOT get the “half cabin” option. Oh my, we did that at Glacier and we ended up laughing because the two of us could barely take two steps in any direction and not run into each other, lol. Hope you have a great time with the grands. Sounds like a fabulous getaway!

    RD — Keep me posted. If you’re still in Virginia come 6 July, we will definitely stop in for lunch or a coffee! Would love to see you and Bonnie before you go back to A-town.

  5. Suzanne

    YAY almost vacation for you!

    I have a week in a week but no plans. Lazy. That’s it, lazy plans.

    Then I have another 3 weeks to use but no plans for that either.

    Enjoy these last few weeks, I know it can be bittersweet for you.


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