Green, you say.

“Green” is the new buzzword. Have you noticed? Corporations, cars, movie stars…they’re all going “green.” Personally, I think it’s a great idea — especially in America, where the “throw-away” culture is the world’s worst.

I hadn’t realized exactly how many things are recyclable until I read a feature by the Weather Channel called Forecast Earth. I mean, I recycle my aluminum cans, newspapers, plastic bottles and jugs, cardboard boxes and glass jars/bottles, but this article really widens the spectrum.

How about big pieces of machinery that no longer work? Strip down a machine of its metal and copper parts and take it to a recycling or salvage place. You’ll make money. A student of mine just made $600 doing it. Really. Ask him (Kevin P.). All it takes is time and the conveyance to get it to the recycling center. If you live in north central Ohio, there are several.

Every time I see someone throw away a Gatorade or water bottle, I cringe. I really really want to reach into the garbage can and take it home with me. But then my students would really know I was a wackjob. Can’t have that. And speaking of bottled water, if you loved me, you’d do this:

If you absolutely must have bottled water, buy one case of it. Then, wash out, dry, and save the bottles and caps, and buy a huge, water-cooler-sized jug of purified water. Refill your bottles from that, or even from your kitchen sink, as most communities have tap water that is fine to drink.

[There is even research that suggests that some of the plastic water bottles we buy and reuse are not safe. A google on unsafe water bottles reveals much. No wonder everyone has cancer.]

The thing about recycling is that in order to use recycled materials, people have to actually recycle what they use. Don’t throw away your Gatorade bottles or green bean cans. Do your part. You might think it’s small — which it is — but many parts make up the whole.

I could go on and on about this subject, and maybe I will some other day. But that’s all for now. Now go and root through your garbage.

Green Fink

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