“Hate” is a strong word.

That’s what my mother always said, and she told my sister and me to avoid using it. But I think she’ll forgive me, because let’s face it: we all hate stuff. Let me hear an amen on any of the following (or you could say, “Hey, I like #whatever” – but you’d be weird).

  1. I hate inconsiderate drivers.
  2. I hate it when people bring small children to concerts or ball games and let them run wild.
  3. I hate the reasoning: “You’re different than me and I don’t understand you, so you must be bad.”
  4. I hate it when people assume that just because someone is overweight, he or she is lazy or stupid. (I know one HECK of a lot of skinny idiots – trust me on this.)
  5. I hate always, always, always reaching into the wrong pocket for my keys.
  6. I hate American Idol for what it suggests to young people (that you can get something for nothing just because you’re cute and can sound like so-and-so).
  7. I hate forgetting stuff. Like today, when I forgot something a student needs for tonight’s rehearsal. It’s at home. Nice one.
  8. I hate all labor unions. Period. (That’s a rant all unto itself.)
  9. I hate not seeing my grandson more often.
  10. I hate it when I get into a long traffic jam, and after creeping along at 5 mph for 30 minutes, the highway suddenly opens up, and there’s no trace of there ever having been a problem. Bizarre…
  11. I hate it when people say, “I’ll forgive, but I won’t forget.” Well then, precious, you haven’t forgiven, because forgiving is forgetting.
  12. I hate it when people can’t be nice.
  13. I hate it that I can’t understand how friends can be horrible to each other.
  14. I hate getting my feelings hurt/hurting others’ feelings.
  15. I hate that many of my 11-year-old students openly watch R-rated movies.
  16. I hate sarcasm directed at a person. (“Sarcasm” – to have fun at someone else’s expense; usually involves direct humiliation of victim and results in the perp’s feeling superior, when in fact he/she is demonstrating an exponential level of tacky, vile, insecure, ugly behavior.)
  17. I hate Pharisees.
  18. I hate it that women who date younger men are defamed, and men who date younger women are envied.
  19. I hate it that many consider all teachers to be spoiled rotten whiny-babies who take three full months off every year, for which they are paid. That’s like saying that all ministers are pedophiles, or that all accountants are embezzlers, or that all professional athletes are dopers, or … ok, you get the idea.
  20. I hate it when I disappoint people, which makes me hate all the more my tremendous fear of failure….*gulp*

What do you hate?

2 thoughts on ““Hate” is a strong word.

  1. Luke

    Nice list. Number three, mostly.

    I hate Denmark.

    I hate Plantains.

    I people who cross me.

    I hate when lava cools.


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