So did you love the premiere of Heroes last night? I thought (unlike the disappointing second season) the storylines and action were both on par with the first season, when everything was crazy and you actually pulled for characters to win/discover/persevere.

Crusties: did you happen to notice William Katt playing the bit part of the tabloid reporter in the garage? Remember him on The Greatest American Hero back in the 80s? I loved that theme song.

Here is an interview he did about the two “hero” shows.

Ok, I’m going to be late for school. Post your reactions to last night’s premiere. I didn’t get to see the whole “red carpet” thing — BU had my attention until 9:00 when the shows started. Nice work on the 2-hour length, too.

Makes me pine for The 4400. For the record, I’m still mad about that.


7 thoughts on “Heroic

  1. Kody Shepherd

    I’ve never watched Heroes, which makes me and the Amish as the only people to never catch an episode, but The Greatest American Hero probably has the greatest theme song to any show in American television history…
    Well, it’s The Greatest American Hero, or Good Times.

  2. P.K. Pudlin

    I beg to differ. The theme song from The Rockford Files is right up there.

    You, the Amish, and me; I don’t own a television.


  3. Mavis

    “….the LOVE BOAT..soon we’ll be making another run..”

    Hey, I have a right to my opinion. ;p~~~~~~~~

    Old Maid Mavis

  4. Mavis

    By the way..has anyone checked out that new series, “Fringe”? Whoa. It’s like Heroes,The 4400 and The X Files all rolled into one. Good show. Very creepy…unlike the Beverly Hillbillies.


  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Bummer, because I was just about to invite you to come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed….

    Jack Jones


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