Hey, look what we made.


Man, I overslept today. I hate that.

This will be a bit of a diversion from the usual Finkness. Today I am going to give a lesson to those interested. Ok, I’m also doing it because I’ve never done anything remotely artistic (visually) in my life, so this was a milestone for me.

While some may think this lesson is geared to women, I will say that any man (if he is smart) could do it as well. As long as a woman supervises.

The photos below were all taken at my house. My daughters, Sarah and Jessie, and sister Mavis joined me in the project. It was fun, and you should try it if you have a baby shower to attend. So, without further ado:

How to Make a Diaper Cake

(click on the photos for larger views)

Roll up infant disposable diapers (amount may vary, but I think we used 2 of those big Luvs packages) starting at the bottom fold, and seal them with rubber bands. Build the bottom tier by stacking diapers around a baby bottle, about 4 deep. Tie together with yarn. Later, you'll wrap a folded receiving blanket around it to make it look nice.

Fold a receiving blanket so it can fit around the top of the protruding baby bottle. We used clear packing tape to secure it around the bottle.

Stack the diapers in the same fashion around this second tier, tie with yarn, and wrap with another receiving blanket. We stacked a couple more blankets on top of the baby bottle to create a flat top.

At this point, get ready to insert rattles, bathtub toys, teething rings, bootie socks, little bottles of lotion and shampoo, gift cards, bibs, whatever, into the little open spaces as surprises that the parents will find as they use the diapers and the cake is dismantled. Wrap up the 2nd tier with a blanket and some ribbon, as shown above. Now, for the final tier:

Build your top tier in the same fashion, hiding a toy in the middle around which to stack the diapers. We folded baby washcloths into little rosettes, and decorated the base tier with them. We also secured a bib to cascade down the front. You can use your own creativity to do whatever you want.

Et voila! We had enough diapers and gift items leftover to make a companion cake. Of course, we knew it was a boy; hence, the car and car keys. We stuck on more goodies, and it ended up being a great conversation piece at the shower.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Mark, get set, go.

Yikes, it’s 9 a.m. and I’ve nothing done (except this lovely picture lesson, which I enjoyed doing). Have a super Tuesday.


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