Is there anybody in there? 
Just nod if you can hear me 
Is there anyone home?
  ~ Comfortably Numb (Roger Waters, David Gilmour)

So check out the numbers from this week. Odd…

RtB usually gets between 100 and 250 hits a day. (Out of the 2.4 billion internet users on the planet, that’s my share. I am a worldwide phenomenon.) But look at the stats from the last three days. Hmmm. *scratchy head*  *underarm sniff*

Was it something I said?

By the way — I’m totally happy with my tiny little readership. I don’t — and won’t — advertise in order to get views. Those of you who are my Facebook friends already know I rarely plug a blog post through a share. So I write almost every day to feed my sad addiction to writing, comments or no. Are writers depressing? I think so, sometimes. But hey…maybe it’s not what I’m saying, but rather, what I’m not saying. Have I lost my audience?

I remember a day when I was jacked up about research. Then I started the doctoral work and became so incredibly, completely, abysmally fed up with research, I began writing about more personal, “everyday” subjects. Maybe that’s my downfall; I’m just not informative anymore — no longer your one-stop location for articulate and compendious thoughts. Yesterday’s laundry.

Or people could just be busy. :-D

Right, then. I shall awaken my inner philomath. Release the Kraken! Ready, steady, go.

13 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Rhinebolt

    I admit that I have found myself less frequently hitting the finkweb link on the browser. But it was my understanding that for the first two months of the year you were to be writing less often. That could be a possible reason for the lack of hits. I dont think any of this could be classified as yesterday’s laundry though, so I dont think you have to worry about that. :)

  2. Mavis

    Didn’t you tell folks that you would send them an email with any recent posts? Maybe they didn’t read where you decided not to do that anymore. You’re definitely NOT yesterday’s laundry, kid. <3

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      That’s probably true! I didn’t really think of that. Thanks for the vote of confidence, sissy — HUGS!

  3. Hannah

    You should do another 30 day post like you did last year, where you had a different question each day or something. I really liked that. :)


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