HNY from RtB III

I resolve to…
I pledge to…
I promise to…

New Years Resolutions are like paper airplanes: easy to make, but difficult to keep airborne for the long haul. So, as in 2009 and 2010, I’ve tried to either stay away from them altogether, or keep them more or less non-specific.

This year, I’m afraid I must break that tradition. Two thousand eleven is the year for improving my health. Over the past twelve months, I’ve joked about several medical procedures, falls, kitchen accidents, sore muscles, aching joints, weight gain, fatigue and general malaise. Well it’s time to stop joking around. The biggest revelation upon ruminating about 2010 was the increasing fragility of my person. I have to work on that. It’s not funny anymore.

I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up. Outside of that, I’m not making any plans. If I make it that far, it’s going to be because I took better care of myself — inside and out. Longevity is a gift, and it must be treasured and carefully tended. I’ve seen the rare example here and there of someone who lives a long life with virtually no health problems while doing nothing to take care of his or her body — but that wouldn’t be my luck. So I must take the controls and pilot the paper airplane. No one’s going to do it for me.

Last year, I promised to “do more good, love my family more, treat myself better.” I think I pulled that off in several respects, although I’m certain I could have done more. Still, those promises were pretty generic. Now it’s time to get specific; low-down and sneaky, as an old musician friend used to say (RIP, Kenny Hoffman).

So off we go. Start your engines…


6 thoughts on “HNY from RtB III

  1. BoomR

    AMEN, sister! I’m with you on taking care of the old body…I keep forgetting that it’s the only one I’ve got! :-) Wishing you & Thriller the bestest-most-supercalifragilistic 2011 ((HUGS))

  2. Greg

    Hmm…well, taking care of oneself is a good thing. As to aches, pains etc., I think they come with the “age territory.” I keep wondering what happened to all the hair on my head I used to have or “Wait a minute! Did I have that mark on my leg yesterday?” or “I think that tooth feels funny.” Now having said these things, I’m checking off who I have medical appointments with during the coming year: optometrist, dentist, my regular MD and the gastroenterologist. At least my feet and knees are still ok…for now!


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