HNY from RtB V

2013 – The Year of Serenity.

Happy New Year, fiends! I hope you had some fun last night, whether it was out with friends, working (as is the case with many musicians I know), or just hanging out at home, which is what we did.

And would you look at that: it’s the fifth HNY post from my little rat hole. RtB will be five years old in February. Never thought I’d stick to *anything* that long.

So, The Year of Serenity. Last year, I resolved to make some changes, and to my delight, when I looked back at that post this morning, I found I’d reached most of those goals with varying levels of success. It gives me peace.

The most challenging 2012 goal was spending less time at school when I didn’t have to be there. I achieved that in spades. Score! Other resolutions didn’t get as much attention, but I’m happy to say they all played an important part in my year, so I’m calling 2012 a win.

Except maybe in the “save more money for retirement” area. Haha. After this summer’s final Odyssey, I need to make that a priority.

What about you? Did you achieve some milestones? Were you better to yourself? Did you spend more time reading, or with family and friends? Did you spend less time worrying?  Regardless, I hope today will be a good day for you to finish reflecting and start looking ahead. You don’t even need a plan. I just find that with every passing year, life becomes more precious to me; relationships with my family more important, and my friends more dear. I’ve read comments from various people who poo-poo the epithet, “Life is too short.” I disagree; if I could live 150 years and still maintain my health and my mind, I’d jump at the chance. Therefore, I plan to look at every day through that lens in order to squeeze the most joy out of every hour.

And that plan hatches this morning, as I am going to the kitchen to use my new Ninja (I know, dumb name, but awesome gadget) to make a boss smoothie, then hitting the shower and the schoolhouse. WHAT? Yeah…I never filed all the Christmas music. Oy.

Happy Day! Much love.

2 thoughts on “HNY from RtB V

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey thanks, Pete! And getting to know you has been one of the highlights of 2012 for me, for sure!


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