HNY from RtB VII

Happy, happy first day of the new year to you!

As I skim over Facebook and Twitter posts, I’m finding that more and more people “stayed in” for New Year’s Eve (unless you’re one of the crazies who stood outside in Times Square or some other freezing cold, wall-to-wall-bodies-stuffed venue). With NYE being our wedding anniversary, and we never seem to think ahead far enough to make reservations for a special weekend somewhere, we stayed in, too. It was nice.

“Seeing the ball drop” in Times Square is less than thrilling for me, mostly because I have to endure all the horrible singing and insipid quasi-celebrity banter to get to it. And by “horrible singing,” I mean Idina Menzel. Oh. My. How could Maureen from Rent/Elphaba from Wicked have fallen so far? Well…that’s a post for another day, when I’m talking about how my own pipes have taken Frank Sinatra Way straight down to Hades.

I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun, or relaxing, or a non-event; whatever you wanted it to be. And my wish for your 2015 is that it’s filled with family and friends and joy. So let’s get started, shall we?

Big hugs from the frozen Midwest. I’m off to forage for some breakfast.

5 thoughts on “HNY from RtB VII

  1. Candace

    Happy New Year….Here at the Homestead we must rise very early to tend to animals. Watching the ball drop just isn’t a priority. But…We do celebrate the ushering in of a brand new year by being faithful servants to the charges we feel so blessed to attend. I look forward to more of your blogs in 2015!

  2. Mavis

    HNY, Bird and Thriller! I’m glad that more people stayed in last night. Less chance of being hit by a drunk driver, I say. New Year’s Eve/Day – just another day for me. I have bigger things to worry about than the changing of one date. Lots of challenges this coming year! Right now, I’m looking forward to all things DT! ;-) Have a relaxing day, you two! I shall *cough* my way through it and try to get some things done around here.

  3. David

    Happy New Year Ms Finkster!

    We were one of the very many that spent the evening at home, primarily by choice but also the 10″ of snow made that decision a really easy one to make.
    So…a simple dinner, our favorite bottle of wine, fire in the fireplaces, popcorn and a movie and the sheer joy of being with the one that causes your heart to dance! My favorite way to bring in another year.
    Number One in my Top Ten from 2014…reconnecting with you my Fink Friend, it was a good year!


  4. RD

    A hearty and joyous Happy New Year to you and Happy Anniversary too! We spent our NYE in a motel room in Dothan, AL after traveling 665 miles. We didn’t come close to watching the ball drop, because we were asleep 2 hours prior to that event. These “birds” landed in paradise today in time to watch the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.


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