Hollywood Hag

Yeah, I need to make this a category. For a long time, I thought, “Nah…I don’t want to be one of those red-carpet-watching weenies, and besides, who cares what people in Hollywood do, say, look like or think?”

Shyeah right.

So I found a photo of Priscilla Presley this morning. Whoa. Since I don’t watch Dancing With the Stars, I didn’t realize what she has….uh….become. I mean, I know we all age, and things like muscles and skin tend to lose their elasticity. Unfortunately, that’s the way of things. And I don’t have anything against a little nip/tuck to get it back under control. But this….

I’m not sure what to think. Her eyelids are almost non-existent, and there’s a good two inches between her brows and lashes. That just ain’t right. Her once-beautiful lips are now Joker-like and misshapen. She’s so full of Botox, it looks like her face is made of glass. Sixty-two years old and not a wrinkle anywhere. That be bizarre.

I read that she’d had a bad experience with a phony surgeon who injected her with industrial grade silicone. Ick. She’s apparently having some corrective work done, and maybe this is the start of it.

My hope is that she checked carefully the credentials of the guy who’s trying to fix her, since she obviously didn’t bother with doing it when she hired Dr. Demento to supply her with the wonder drug that disfigured her face.

Wow, have you seen Britney Spears’ new album cover? Here it is — she looks fabulous. Of course, airbrushing can do much, and her eyes look strangely different, but geez…that’s the best she’s looked in several years. The Daily Mail says it looks as if she’s channeling Farrah Fawcett from the olden days. No matter. She looks healthier in all the photos I’ve seen lately, and that’s what counts.

Finally, a piece of weird pie from awhile back.

Back in the 90s, Tim Burton did a film about the life of the “Worst Movie Director of All Time,” Edward Wood. It starred Johnny (insert angel chorus here) Depp, and was a critical — if not financial — success.

So just how weird was Ed Wood? Really weird. And his fans aren’t far behind. There’s actually a religion based on the belief that Ed Wood and Christ have a whole lot in common. I am not making this up. The biography of Wood on this site is extensive and well-researched (if a bit thin on the grammar and punctuation). It’s worth a read.

Ok, off to get ready to go out to dinner with the Thriller and some friends. Haven’t done that in a long, long while.

Finkus outus.

(PS to Meg, Sam, Trev and any other cast members reading this: good rehearsal today.)

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