How far along are you?

With your holiday shopping, I mean.

I still have some more to do — some of it online, so I’d better get to it.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, and we both agreed that giving the gifts is way more fun than getting them (although getting them ranks a reeeally close second). It’s great fun for me to try to come up with something that might delight and surprise someone else, or conversely, try to buy exactly what I know the person wants. Although surprises are super-nice, sometimes there’s great satisfaction in getting precisely what you asked for. I like both.

Some random thoughts for your Sunday morning:

  1. I got up at 6:30 (geez, another instance of sleeping the day away — I have no self-control), and had a sudden desire to get out all the veggies that were likely going to die a slow death in my freezer, throw them in a pot, chop up a few potatoes, add some broth & seasoning, and make a savory soup. Which I did. I’m now having it for breakfast. Of course, I only used the veggies I like (green beans, peas, corn, carrots). I think I’ll eat it for lunch and dinner, too; good day for it.
  2. We’re going to decorate the Christmas tree this afternoon. I think I’m going to go all gold this year for the color scheme. Should be pretty; I’ll post a photo and let you decide.
  3. ShopNBC still hasn’t shipped the dreaded new TV. The Thriller is getting impatient. (Maybe he’ll end up telling them to go take a hike, and we’ll go to Detroit instead. Hmmm. Maybe not.)
  4. The next 9 days are going to be ridiculous. Going to the band concert on the 8th, daytime performance (obligatory nursing home tour) on the 9th, concert on the 10th, $12,000 worth of candles delivered on the 12th, concert on the 15th, Dinner Theatre auditions on the 16th, and all the garbage that happens in between. I know, it’s all stuff I’ve brought on myself and I shouldn’t complain. But I will anyway, k?

There are days, truly, when I wish I were a librarian. Meh, not really.

Happy Sunday, and Go Browns. [Shyeah right.]

PS – BoomR, good to see you back, my friend!

6 thoughts on “How far along are you?

  1. BoomR6969

    I am, indeed! the past 2-3 weeks have been CRA-ZEEEEEE insane busy trying to get ready for my big trip to Manila, Philippines for work (yeah – when you call our company for tech support, you don’t get India… you get Philippines!!) :-) Now have a few days to catch up, including shopping.

    Had 2 Christmas parties to play (one Fri & one last night). One thing I’ll say about Dallas – the $$ for musicians doing functions/events is WAY better than I ever remember it being in OH.

    ..and just in time, as Bluvox just gave me the Christmas “wish list” LOL!! :-)


  2. BoomR6969

    PS… for all the other musicians on the blog that know a little about PA systems, this is what Bluvox wants:


    (RF hon, can you make that link all pretty for me?) (done!)

    I have the original generation Model I system – and it’ll blow you away… completely different concept from what we normally think of as PA systems.

    ….plus I can also add “pole dancer” to my array of talents…

  3. Rat Fink Post author

    BoomR! – I MUST hear about the “pole dancer” thing…and when do you go to the Philippines? Before or after Christmas?

    Is the Tone Match anything like the Auto-Tune?

    TRO – I love the Amazon experience, both on the giving and receiving side! Last fall, I spoke at a conference in New Castle, Delaware, and saw one of their HUGE “fulfillment centers” — enormous building, and a major employer for the city. Cool!

  4. BoomR6969

    I’m heading to Manila this Wed (10th?) for a week, but back on the 17th in time for a gig on the 19th.

    And the ToneMatch thing is not like AT – it’s more like:

    — mic modeling (read: buy an inexpensive Sure SM58 and make it sound like a $1500 AKG – or awfully close), plus

    — reverb (including the new kind of spatial reverbs where they sample the acoustic properties of some killer concert halls, churches, etc & then use those properties & apply to your voice or instrument)

    — delay …. etc… you get the idea. + it’s a 3 (or 4) channel mixer…

    BTW, Auto-Tune is not so much known for being a part of Antares’ 19″ rack space vocal processing unit any more (although I have it on good authority that folks still travel with that in their FX rack – CeCe Wynans, for one). It’s now actually (aren’t you glad I said that instead of ‘literally’??) a software plug-in that you use in LOGIC, Digital Performer, Sonus, even ProTools (although PT has their own “Pitch Doctor” that does the same thing). AT:

    Lordy… I’m such a geek, aren’t I?

  5. Mathew

    Heh….I don’t actually have any shopping done yet -_- Probably start that after my finals this week! Also, Dinner Theatre auditions, ah, the good ol’ days.

    You know…you got up like a half-hour after I went to bed. Yay finals.


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