How it feels to be 39

Actually, I can’t remember. But I must say that I don’t feel “old” at all. Last night, after the last of my wonderful fam went home, the Thriller and I sat on the porch swing and chatted. In between the jokes about “what we’re gonna do next year for your 50th,” I got to thinking — I don’t feel old.

So I guess the adage “you’re as young as you feel” applies here. Either that, or I’m just delusional. Either way, it’s all good.

Off to the school house with my bad self.

2 thoughts on “How it feels to be 39

  1. meg

    *drum role accompanied by harmonica* :)
    happy birf-day to U, happy birf-day to U, Happy birf-day dear Finkles, happy birf-day to U!!

    Oh! and i saw taylor yesterday – hope the audition went well this morning and schedules are able to be changed easily??

    ANyhoo, have a Fantabulous birthday! — stuck at school — in your classroom — with ocassional meetings — on a hot day. :) students tomorrow…ewww


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