I want:

  1. A heated driveway.
  2. Ken Burns’ Jazz on DVD.
  3. A new vehicle.
  4. This doctoral program to be over with.
  5. To pass my comprehensive exams in January.
  6. A raise.
  7. My Dinner Theatre show to be good.
  8. Someone to say, “Hey, I got your student loans covered.”
  9. Pinwheel cookies.
  10. Mo money.
  11. Time with my grandson.
  12. To take the Thriller to Vegas for a week.
  13. People to be nice, and not hold grudges.
  14. R-e-s-p-e-c-t.
  15. To not see male students wearing jeans 2 sizes too big, and female students wearing shirts 2 sizes too small.
  16. To live the rest of my natural life without hearing the phrase, “baby bump.”
  17. To look 35. Forever.
  18. People to do their jobs.
  19. My paycheck to be commensurate with the work I do, rather than for how many years I’ve been on the payroll.
  20. My sister to be healthy.
  21. Gas prices to go down.
  22. To win “Singing Bee.” I could so smoke everyone on that show.
  23. My sons to be happy (fortunately, they are because they have great ladies in their lives)
  24. To have time to write another book.
  25. To meet my biological father, ask him why he left us 47 years ago, and then get out our guitars and jam.

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