I wonder…

….when it will be my teams’ turn to go to the Big Party (or win it).

Of course, I’m talking about the Browns and the Indians. (Not much of a basketball fan, and the Cavs have “been there” once, but we won’t talk about that. *coughSWEPTcough*)

I know, I know. As my friend RD will say, “You should be a Cubs fan.” At least the baby bears have some company in the dungeon. And the opinions are many as to exactly why the Indians fell off the bike this year. And now, of course, when it doesn’t count, they win 5 in a row. Sometimes I want to hurt people.

I guess that’s what keeps people like me coming back to watch, season after season. Maybe *this* season will be the one.

Or, I could dust off that wonderful old adage that Browns and Indians fans have learned to memorize: There’s always next year.


One thought on “I wonder…

  1. RD

    As a Cubs fan,I’m holding my breath. So far, this year is almost too good to be true. Dare we in the middle of August dream of a play off spot, maybe even a league championship, or wonder of wonders, a World Series. Regardless the cheer remains the same, “Go Cubs.” I think an Indians vs. Cubs World Series would be amazing. RD


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