If you please

Don’t misunderstand me
I’m not getting soft
All I want is a…

If you can complete that lyric (and I know some of you can without any help), you will have guessed the theme of today’s post.

Yes, fiends, I am taking just a brief hiatus from RtB, while I design the main scheme forĀ The Comfort Foodie, my new food blog adventure. Why do I need yet another project, you ask? Well because, as many of you know, I plan to retire in eight years, and I am going to need at least a dozen other income streams — however meager — to supplement my pension. There is some money to be made in food blogging, so I am going to take the next two-three years to see if I might have what it takes. Only one way to find out, right? And even if it doesn’t make the grade financially, I hope I will have something resembling a family food history that I can pass on to my children and daughters-in-law, if they want it. If not, no worries; it will have still been fun to put together.

So please don’t abandon me totally. Have a look at the archives (I do every once in awhile, just for a head shake — I have said some mighty silly things over the last soon-to-be four years), or post here and give me suggestions on how you think I should go about being the next Bakerella. (Nope, I’m not linking to her; she’s now the competition.) :P

Are we having a great week so far? A-OK over here in Freezingland. See you on down the road…much love.

Fink out (for a bit)

13 thoughts on “If you please

  1. Lori

    You’ll be giving us a link to the new Comfort Foodie, right? Guess Pioneer Woman will have to move to number two on my favorite food bloggers list!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I sure will, Lori! And I’ve been to Pioneer Woman’s site — awesome stuff. I have a lot of reading and learning to do, but stay tuned!! :-)

  2. Mavis

    Is there NO END to your talents, woman?!! :-) I can’t wait to start reading it. Will you be putting any of Mother’s old recipes in it? She had some dandies. Wonderful idea, luv! So proud of you!!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA — there’s a definite end, Mave — more like a BRICK WALL. LOL

      I sure will be including Mother’s recipes. In fact, I’ll be picking YOUR brain on a ton of stuff, especially some of her casseroles (and yours). Git ready! I’m proud of both of us!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Why thanks, Hannah. I’ll be just around the corner. I’m hoping to be back in February, boring the masses at RtB. :P

  3. PKPudlin

    If she’s Bakerella, you can be Bakezilla. Or the Frosting Queen. Or the Simmermeister. OK, ok I’ll shut up….

    Be sure and give us all the link! Best of luck with your new ventures!

    In the soup.

  4. BoomR

    Can’t wait to see the initial mock-ups of the site!!! And to read! And to try recipes! WOOT! See you ’round the corner, luv!!

  5. Greg

    I think you should post videos as well–you know the kind of thing! Standing behind a counter wearing a dress and pearls around your neck, spoon in hand! (“I’m Julia Child!”) Then go through the recipes, step-by-step, and occasionally drop things on the counter. (“Never apologize–who’s to know?”) And then finish up, flourishing the final result! (“Bon appetit!!”)

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        LOL I thought about video, but then cripes…I’d have to get out of my jammies, get cleaned up, put on makeup, blah blah…NO WAY


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