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Had a date with the NYT over coffee this morning, before the craziness begins (craziness being my working on the thesis all day and all evening because it’s due on Tuesday — shyeah right).

OK so how cool would this be? Orchestra Hero! Who wouldn’t love to play the opening trumpet salvo of Fanfare for the Common Man or the Mendelssohn E minor violin concerto? Or the Bach double? Or the clarinet glissando at the beginning of Rhapsody in Blue?

I have to admit I have never played Guitar Hero, so I’m not sure how the whole thing works, or how similar it is to Rock Band. But being a violinist, I think I would love a techno-romp in the orchestra. And from reading the comments following the article, I see I’m not alone. I must admit a “Conductor” version would be completely boss.

I’ve been trying to think of more cool “classical” riffs I’d like to master. Maybe some Paganini etudes? Nah. That’d take me the rest of my life, and I’d *still* never master it. How about the trombone parts in Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique? Yeah. Dies irae makes me all warm & cozy & fuzzy.


Back in the olden days, I waited tables. A lot. Wait staffing is one of the most difficult and thankless (not to mention low-paying) jobs out there, but I really enjoyed it most of the time. And I’m just enough of a server snob to nod in haughty agreement with this list of dos and don’ts for restaurant workers. And that’s just half the list, yikes.

Those rules, slightly modified, could probably be applied to *any* field of endeavor. I think I shall work on one for teaching music. Definitely. It’s on its way.

After I finish the thesis work….blark. Who wants to be me? *cricket*


4 thoughts on “In the Times

  1. Will

    Guitar Hero and Rock Band are mostly the same. That said, Orchestra Hero would be awesome, especially if you go with the conductor’s route. With both the WiiMote and the XBox’s upcoming Natal, it would be very possible. Yeah for motion sensing.

  2. Kodye

    I’m still sitting here waiting for them to make Heroine Hero… it’d be like a companion game to Guitar Hero, so you can get the whole rockstar experience, ya know?

  3. RD

    I’ve never played Guitar Hero either, but I watched my grandkids do it once. The one who plays bass guitar was awesome at it. After seeing him do it, I was too intimidated to give it a try.

    I hope your day was really productive re the thesis (and in other ways too!) Writing from Florida where it was 85 today :-)


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