It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Answer me these questions three, ere the other side ye see.

  1. Why is major change so hard to embrace?
  2. Why do professional people think it’s acceptable to not return phone calls and emails?
  3. Why is it that I’ve used a “Certificate of Live Birth” all my life to get everything from a passport to a Social Security number, and it’s not OK for Obama to use the same document to prove he was born in Hawaii? (I was told on the phone the other day that my original birth certificate was likely destroyed after my adoption.) All who know me know I hate politics and abhor nutjobs on both sides of the aisle, so this isn’t a partisan rant (cuz I don’t have a party, except in my mind every day). It’s just common sense, which apparently isn’t too common anymore…

Only then may you cross the Bridge of Death.

Fink, about to plunge headlong into the Gorge of Peril <dramatic music>

4 thoughts on “It shouldn’t be this difficult.

  1. Country Mouse

    1. Because change is scary (until you do it and then most times realize it isn’t all that bad)
    2. Because “professional” people think they are too “important” to return messages to us “non-professional” people or perhaps they are just avoiding a situation.
    3. Because people like to stir up trouble!!!!!!!
    Give me common sense over a high IQ any day!!! That and a little decency will get you a long way!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      And you get a big WAHOO, CM! Totally agree, especially about the “avoiding a situation” part. You have avoided the Gorge of Peril. :P

  2. Greg

    1. Major changes are outside the “comfort zone.” And to one way of thinking — “If it hasn’t been done before, it won’t work.” However change, for the sake of just changing something without productive reason, is just plain wonky!
    2. It’s a form of control! Just like those people who are persistently late for things despite knowing about an event for weeks (or usually months). It’s like: “I’M in control of MY life, everyone can wait on ME!” I have a few of those in my parish.
    3. Your birth certificate could be located somewhere on microfilm. I found mine in Sandusky when I needed a certified copy.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I talked with the Illinois Div. of Vital Statistics, and they definitely don’t have it. But the gal told me I could go through the IL Dept. of Public Health (which handles all adoptions) and pay a fee and fill out forms to give them permission to *look* for my original BC. I don’t know if I want to spend that much time and money…

      I think being pushed outside one’s comfort zone is the loneliest feeling ever!


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