It’s all right

Have a good time, ’cause it’s all right. (Whooooa yes, my pathetic life is song lyrics.)

It’s all good today. It’s fine that I pulled an all-nighter on Friday night (we had an upset 5-year-old, having a terrible time with growing pains — aching arms and legs), and that Saturday was a mix of getting work done, resting up, and general craziness.

A definite “lowlight” was Pax getting attacked by two pit bull mixes at the dog park yesterday, completely unprovoked. He got a nice little chunk removed from above his eye, and his rear legs are extremely stiff. He now drags himself up off the floor like a seal or walrus in order to walk. We called the vet at 8:00 last night, and she suggested straight Benedryl to relax him until she can work him in this afternoon for a checkup and x-ray. And the hits just keep on comin’…

Before the attack (the offenders are on leashes in the background)

Before the attack (the offenders are on leashes in the background)

The park owner, who is wonderful and attentive to all visiting dogs, was mortified and apologetic, as the two attackers are his personal pets. He offered to pay the vet bill, and told us that these two particular dogs would be taken inside whenever we’re at the park — exactly the right things to say, and what we were hoping to hear (of course, we wouldn’t stick him with the bill). We felt bad for him. He usually keeps the two pits on leashes when dogs come into the park, until he’s certain that everything is peaceful. We all thought that was the case yesterday, until *bam* — out of nowhere, they went for Pax, who was minding his own business with the other four dogs. The owner and the Thriller immediately jumped into the fray to free him, but not until Pax had been jumped on several times, and bitten who knows how many. He was covered in dirt and saliva, so we bathed him as soon as we got home, looking for any hidden wounds.

Skinny McScrawny

Skinny McScrawny

He was already in bad shape when we got him into the car, as he couldn’t make the jump into the back seat, and had to be lifted. And while all this sounds terribly serious, which it surely is, we think he just got janked around, and he’s a middle-aged, underweight dog with joint problems. He’s going to be sore for a while, and he’s back to being quiet and clingy. But that’s OK — we will overcome, and he will heal, and all will be well. But sheesh — in your new home for a week, and you get mugged by thugs. Poor guy!

OK, enough drama for one weekend. I’m off to the school house for my first full five days. Goodbye, voice!



7 thoughts on “It’s all right

  1. Candace

    Pax will surely heal, but he just might be fearful of the park…but who knows….take some treats with you and feed that boy all the treats he’ll take while there. It’s possible the attackers sensed Pax is older and weaker??? Have a great week!!! And Happy Birthday!!!!!! You’re my favorite blogger!!!!

  2. Mavis

    Aw no! Poor Pax. :-( So sorry to hear that, sweetie. I hope he gets a clean bill of health from the vet. I also hope Mr. 5 year old is doing better! What a weekend you guys had! Well, today is your birthday and hopefully the first full week at school will be uneventful. Yeah.

    Happy birthday, Bird! Let us know how Pax is doing!

  3. PKPudlin

    Oh, no! So sorry to hear about this mis-adventure! Keep us updated on what the vet says.

    Happiest of birthdays to you! Think good and happy thoughts all day because what happens on your birthday sets the tone for the whole year.


  4. David

    Never a good thing Ms Fink, so sorry to hear that for Pax’s sake and yours; weekends should be angst free. I think Candace may be right in that the Pits sensed an older, weaker dog in Pax. He’ll physically heal faster than his psyche will from the event that is for sure…hope all the news from the Vet will be good.

    You also are my favorite blogger, you are my only blogger :)

    Happiest of Birthdays Ms Fink!


  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for your concern for our boy Pax, and for the birthday greetings! It was a busy, but nice day on Monday, and while I didn’t get to see family, I guess we’re all getting together over the next week or so, at different times, to “celebrate.” Sounds great to me — stretch it out a bit. :-)

    Totally agree about the possibility that the pits sensed Pax’s age and overall weak constitution. The vet said that his x-rays came out negative for bone disease, so yay! Some dogs are just shaped funny, I guess. His eye is healing, too.

    The worst part is that he’s 37 lbs. — a good 6-8 lbs. underweight, which is a lot for a dog. But he eats like a pig, and he seems happy and not starving, so we’re fine with it if Pax is. We’ll just call him Bony Butt. (What I wouldn’t give!)

    Have a happy day, fiends — I’ll be back after the Browns game tomorrow night!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      He is doing much better! Basically back to his regular self. I think the whole thing was an honest mistake on the owner’s part (letting the dogs go), and definitely not done out of negligence, so that’s why we ate the ($380!!) vet bill. I think we would have thought differently if he hadn’t responded the way he did. He’s a nice guy who cares about animals and wouldn’t hurt anyone. That seems to always come back to bless ya, ya know??


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