It’s beginning

Beginning to what? Look a lot like Christmas? Yep. :-)

I don’t know why, but I’m more excited about the holidays this time than in past years. It’s not that I’m more flush with Christmas coin, or that my two upcoming concerts have me stressed any less; rather, I think it’s a case of looking forward to that “down” time more. You know how teachers never work and have all those vacations? Yeah, that.

I made a comment to a couple people last week that after each show closes, I find it takes me a little bit longer to bounce back — like that’s a major character flaw or physical limitation. It’s really not. I have come to terms with the fact that while I’m slowing down a bit, I don’t have to let it occupy my every thought. I ain’t 35 anymore — so what? And you know what else? I used to feel guilty for having down time. It was like I was wasting valuable minutes doing nothing, when I could be getting stuff done. J’ever feel like that?

Well, those days are numbered for me. Over the last couple of months, I’ve actually enjoyed lying on the couch reading, or watching TV. I’m learning to take pleasure in time off — something I’ve rarely done when we’re not on an Odyssey or having grandchildren over.

So, as it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I’m beginning to look forward much more to some leisure time: shopping, going out to eat, visiting with family and friends, reading, watching sports, and generally just being a bum when I want to. I mean, haven’t we earned it after all these years? I think so.

But first — concert stuff, other school issues, and the Hamsgiving menu. That’s me, TCB.

It’s almost Friday, luvs. Friday and payday: a match made in ze heavens.


4 thoughts on “It’s beginning

  1. PKPudlin

    Yeah, I hear ya, sister. I close the studio every December, and have endured a lot of flack about it. When I first started doing that, it was because my duties as a church music director made Advent a huge burden and teaching during that time was just too much. I no longer serve a church, but have kept the practice just because I need the down time, and usually have lots of gigging to do. Voce Camerata and Consort has become pretty popular of late!! I’ve reached the time in my life when I can thumb my nose at the Yankee work ethic my parents cherished and not feel one bit guilty.

    You and I have both paid our dues, Lady. Put on those sweat pants and the fuzzy slippers and chill. Read the 6-month backlog of Music Teacher magazine; binge-watch Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire on HBO-GO; do a Sudoku or two. It’s on me.

    A Yankee girl in a Southern world.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      A musician closing the studio in December…my hat is OFF to you, friend! I think that’s great. So often, musies don’t get to “enjoy” the holiday season as much as other folks because we’re always gigging. I remember years where there wasn’t a free Friday, Saturday or Sunday in the whole month of December for me, including the 31st, whatever day that fell on. I think it’s great you’re backing off from the complete insanity.

      I plan on plenty of sweats-and-books nights in the last 2 weeks of next month! Hugz

  2. David

    I love it Kiddo! For so much of our lives we run around trying to balance the “Big 3” of what we do, what we know and who we are. Most of us spend the majority of our time concentrating on those first two hoping that the “who we are” will sort of evolve and “poof” happen. It is my belief that the most important aspect of all this is the “who we are” and that comes from that healthy balance of down time. I know what you do and you are so tremendously good at it, the fruit of which you get to see in the young lives you touch everyday. You also are one of the brightest people I know…you know a lot, know what I’m sayin. :) All of that is just the stuff that adds the color of who you are, it is that down time that is so important…take it, take a lot of it!
    I know easy for me to say I am a pensioner…just do it!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Preach, brother! It really is all about balance, truly. And even though I’m still part of the work-a-day set, I can definitely take more time (important time at that) to be “who I am.” The more I do it, the more natural it feels.

      I’ve seen the axiom in more than one place that, for Americans, a vacation just means you work from somewhere else. I’ve treated many of my school breaks that way, year after year. I think I’m going to cut down on that, and drastically. Time to take time for me! Just call it “retirement training.”



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