It’s cool when…

…you wake up on the weekend, thinking it’s Sunday, but it’s only Saturday. Have you ever done that? It made me want to weep with happiness.

I would be happy spending the night here. I’m experiencing some major wanderlust feelings — it’s getting closer to hitting the open road.

Speaking of the Odyssey, we’re awfully close to the 30-day countdown. Unfortunately, I can’t think much about it because I have to get through the next 13 days first. Three performances, baking for a wedding, grandchildren’s birthdays, a preschool graduation, eleven high school graduation gifts to wrap and cards to write, two academic awards ceremonies at which to present, end-of-year meetings, auditions for the fall musical, writing final exams, grades, preparing to shut down the choir room…all by the 26th. Then I try and squeeze in some family/friend time before we take off on the 12th of June.

I hate the “May Funnel.”

But I must admit it’s cool when you can see the end from here. I’m really not depressed about it, even though it seems like I’m complaining (which, I guess, I am). La vie est belle.

I hope all goes well in your world today. I hate bringing up the mundane subject of weather here in Ohio, but if the weather here in Ohio would improve, so would my ambition level. Or maybe not. :-D

Happy weekend, fiends. It’s only Saturday.

4 thoughts on “It’s cool when…

  1. BoomR

    I was just thinking about the upcoming Odyssey this morning!!! I need to start getting y’all’s room all squared away, including a nice little night stand card with the SSID & password for the wireless network LOL :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Yaaay! Our suite at Chez Donafer! :P We loved staying there last time we visited. Tons better than ANY hotel! HUGZ

  2. Mavis

    I want to live in that house on the mountain in Switzerland! I could live the rest of my life there. Such gorgeous views!

    The Odyssey isn’t far off, sweetie. You have to give BoomR a big hug from me when you see him!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I surely will, Mave — and it’ll be fun scouting out a treasure in the PacNW to bring back to YOU!!


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