It’s here

The wedding day is here, finally! Color me excited. And worried…

Ike has made landfall — right in Helen’s family’s front yard (they are from Galveston and Houston). It is good to have them up here, because they are safe and “things” can be replaced, but they are extremely concerned about what they’re going to see when they get home. The pictures on television don’t look so good.

Helen’s parents live in one of the few homes that survived the 1900 Galveston hurricane. Patti tells me that their house sits on heavy cypress beams that are almost petrified — like stone. She just hoped that the storm surge wasn’t so high that it passed them up and flooded the main structure.

The challenge for us all today is to know that the weather is going to do its thing no matter what, but we cannot let that destroy the joy. After all the preparations, the worrying, the craziness, the minor last-minute disasters…it all happens for Lars & Helen today, and I for one couldn’t be happier for them.

The rehearsal luncheon/barbecue was yesterday, and fun was had by all. About 40 people milled about inside while the rain came down, but no one cared. Lars was soaking wet from fetching and carrying, and Helen hadn’t slept but a couple of hours the previous night, but they both looked great. And relaxed. And silly.

More pictures tomorrow. I know, I’m pathetic. It’ll only last for one more day, promise.

PS – check out the menu. I plan to go around to everyone’s table, fork in hand, asking, “Hey — you gonna finish that filet?” Yummy.

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  1. RD

    Bonnie and I extend our heartiest congratulations to Lars and Helen on their wedding day and pray the best blessings for them in their life together.


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