It’s the first day of summer

And what am I doing? Working. But it’s good stuff, unless you count the Thriller’s reaction when I tell him I would like the furniture in Justin’s room switched out with Jake’s.

One of the neat-o things about having grown children is the extra bedrooms that can be turned into whatever one wants. We have three such rooms, so the transformation began a couple of days ago to flip two of them into private retreats for the Most Amazing Toddlers in the World. When the metamorphosis has taken place, there will be photographs.

In the meantime, there are beds, dressers, chairs and night stands to be schlepped about, housework to be done, dinner to be made, and movie to be watched.

It’s good to be on the first day of summer.


5 thoughts on “It’s the first day of summer

  1. Greg

    That first day of summer was always a great feeling!!! Trouble was that I seemed to be rushing around all summer to get all those “little chores” done before the grind began again. Same thing happened in 2007 when I retired and then I realized I didn’t have to do everything in just three months time. That was the only real adjustment!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’ll bet that was hard to get used to! I’m actually looking forward to that (when I’m 63). In the meantime though, I plan to be more available to J & J, and to family and friends in general. Life’s too short to spend it working alla time. I’m “working” on changing that.

      Have fun at Hocking Hills! I checked out the Old Man’s Haven cabins, and they are beautiful. I might have to follow your lead and do a getaway weekend, just me, myself & I sometime.


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