I’ve been up, down…

…tryin’ to get the feelin’ again.

A good Barry Manilow tune. I’m thinking of it today, but not because of any sordid love affair. I’m trying to get the feeling back; the one that says “you shouldn’t be thinking about retirement and doing what you want in life.”

The yammering of a spoiled-rotten brat? Yes.

Don’t get me wrong — I love my job and my students. Correction: I love my students and my job does not suck. Sometimes, like everyone I guess, I get overwhelmed with it all. I’m to the point now where I just want to get going on it because the waiting bites. May as well jump in the pool and start swimming for your life.

But not before a little more fun takes place. Lots happening this weekend, not the least of which is breakfast this morning with Mavis, and some major Jake/Justin time. BFF Kay and Bob are coming for dinner on Sunday. It’s all rattastic.

So what are everyone’s plans for the weekend? Tomorrow morning: a movie review.


9 thoughts on “I’ve been up, down…

  1. Greg

    Speaking as one who’s been there: it’s perfectly ok to think about retirement and still be working! I found that just setting a “target date” was a relief–like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I enjoyed working with the kids and most fellow staff members–there were those “other things” in the job which irritated me to no end. But when I set my target date, it was like walking toward something instead of just walking aimlessly.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I hear ya. I’ve dared to think about “a date.” As you know, I only have 17 years in, not 28 like others my age who started out right out of college at age 22. So my age will be a factor. I can retire at 64 with 30 years, but I may not last that long. I want to travel, be a Grammie, etc. And I cannot see myself doing my current schedule for 13 more years! That’s the big thing. So maybe I need to do what you did: get a “date” in my mind, then plan to stick with it. It might make everything less uncertain.

  2. BoomR

    Man…I had to re-read the opening sentence or 2 a couple times… I thought you were quoting this tune for a sec:
    I’ve been up…I’ve been down
    Take my word…My way around
    I ain’t askin’ for much — mmm
    I said Lord take me down town
    I’m just lookin’ for some tush


    Hang in there Fink – it’s all good! And you can c’mon back down here to jump in that pool if’n ya wants! :-)


    PS…re: plans – gig tonight, computer shopping for BluVox & gallery opening tomorrow…then gig at Chamberlain’s on Sat :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      HA – also a great song! And your weekend sounds fab. When is the Bear Lake odyssey? Only 5 weeks till we see each other again, luvy!


      1. BoomR

        That would be Aug 27, 28, and 29 for Big Bear Lake! I can’t wait!! SOOOooo excited!! And excited about seeing y’all, too!!

  3. Rae

    Ha. I have no room to talk about an “end date”, but my scariest thing was after the first football game last year when someone said “Welp. 299 more to go!”… and that number could actually have been more like 349. Who knows? Maybe 20 will be enough for me…

    Hang in there. Lunch next week?

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      299. ACK! I’ve often thought about quitting at 20 years also, but it’s really going to depend on whether or not the Thriller can be counseling full time somewhere. If he is, then it may be possible for me to cut down (although how does one cut down on what we do???). Lunch next week definitely!

  4. Meg's Mom

    I hear ya, sista. You and I are about in the same boat. If I go for full retirement I’ll be 73 and still teaching junior high! They’ll have me hanging from the rafters fo sure. Like you I love the job and the kids, hate the insane, absolutely ridiculous demands on my time to do the gig right. Somewhere along the way I just wanna relax a little, ya know, be a Grammie, putter in the flower beds, maybe travel a little, gosh…sleep in once in a while.

    This weekend..not much planned. Next weekend, going to see Wicked in Cols with my two girls, a little shopping, dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, followed by two days of being Grammie. Now THAT’S more like it!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      You and I are definitely in the same boat, J-dog. And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think about hanging it up nearly as often *before* grandchildren came along. Now I think about it all the time. I think about how much more available I could be to hang with the boys…but then I think, they’re going to be teenagers soon, and how much will they want to hang around Grammie? LOL. It’s still something I’m considering…

      Sounds like you have a finktastic weekend planned, wow! Give Meggly my love — your time is limited with her for sure!


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