Last night I went to an area fundraiser to hear my son play with a big band. Fun! I was a proud mamafink. That boy can play him some drums. I enjoyed seeing people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Ran into some old friends, and had a nice time with my daughter-in-law.

I also got to hang with Hannah’s parents, and the Js were there, too, tearin’ up the dance floor:-)

Somewhere, I have a photo of Seamus at Christmastime, when he was five years old. I need to find it. We’d bought him a small drum kit, and as I recall, his other gifts lay abandoned for most of the morning. From that day forward, it was on. Twenty-some years later, he’s still going strong. Lars picked up guitar in late elementary school, and I still love to hear him play. On my bucket list is a gig with both of them. Actually, we’ve all played together before, but only for my school productions. I’m looking forward to jamming with them (playing *and* singing, as they both have pipes *and* great ears) sometime before I croak.

Because, you know, doing it after I croak would be difficult.

Anyway, my point — and I do have one — is that I got to be a peacock last night for all to see, and I’m looking forward to other times, with both of my sons. Heck, I’ll come to your next gig and be proud of you. Invite me!

I hope a relaxing Sunday awaits you. As David Hartman used to say: Make it a good day.


4 thoughts on “Jazzed

  1. BoomR

    Wish I could have been there to hear & see it!

    And speaking of my next gig where you’ll be – whatever happened to that really good pic of you that you used to have posted in “About the Fink?” I was gonna mooch it & make up a little flyer about you as my special guest at Chamberlain’s in June. **hint**

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey! I’ll send you a more updated one than that (it’s 7+ years old…). Stand by, doll — I am beyond psyched about June! XO

  2. Suzanne

    Hey fiend! Sounds like you have a FUN weekend planned! That smoothie looks good, I might have to try that sometime.

    Not much going on here, being lazy today, tomorrow (Monday) probably yardwork if it stays dry.


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It’s been a great weekend, SuziQ — and I’m glad you got a lazy Sunday. Is it raining over in Klompenland? The sun finally came out here…couldn’t believe it!


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