Jake, playing in a jungle gym tunnel at the park. Innocence, trust, discovery, making a big plastic tube a secret adventure…that’s kind of what it’s about, no?

I know it’s Monday, but try to rejoice in it anyway. :-)

8 thoughts on “Joy

  1. PKPudlin

    Everything in life is a big, secret adventure. If you lose sight of that, you’ve lost more than you know.

    He is SUCH a cutie, and I love this pic!

    PK, off to enjoy this week.

      1. Schmink

        Yes you do. I’m in Chicago all week, but after that, come any time. There’s a lot going on in Columbus Lot’s of good restaurants, especially if you like sushi.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      It *is* you, isn’t it? I think those avatars were assigned when you first signed up way back when, but then subsequent versions of WordPress (or it could be the theme I’m using) didn’t use them for some reason. Now they work again. Go figure.

      Jerry just returned from Chicago, and now you’re there? Nass. Text me when you get back.


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