Let’s roll!

All it needs is a nice polishing, and at least it’llĀ look good. HA. I love this instrument, actually. A Strad copy built in 1968 by Roth (so I come down on the German side of the whole German vs. Italian violin thing), my parents bought it for me when I was in the 3rd grade, and I’ve played it somewhat regularly over the decades — with its original pernambuco bow — ever since. I do need a rehair, though, yikes.

I studied privately, nonstop (including summers, grrr) from 1968-1977, when I graduated high school. I hated practicing (then as now), but I have to admit I love playing it — now that I don’t *have* to. :-)

For being a “student model” violin, it has an amazingly warm, full, dark tone, and I wouldn’t trade its color and sound for the world, or for its brighter, more bell-like Italian relatives. It’s like an extension of me after 40-some years, and I hope to play it for many more to come.

Speaking of playing, I suppose I ought to think about warming up the fingers and arms. Many hours to go before I collapse back here late tonight after cleaning the reception hall, post-party. Papa Thriller is looking forward to getting gussied up and giving away the bride; it will be a fun day.

Laissez nous rouler!

5 thoughts on “Let’s roll!

  1. Mavis

    One of my fondest memories of childhood was hearing you play that violin. The sound always carried me away to some faraway dreamland, back then. I love hearing you play, and you’ll do the ceremony proud today!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Why thank you, Mavis. There were times, I’m sure, when you wanted to throw the thing against the wall, too — I know I wanted to on several occasions. Like weekly. HA

  2. Meg

    Please play at my wedding? And sing at the same time. Maybe play the piano too. :D
    Enjoy the day! Can’t wait for pictures!


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