Limping along


Drying your hair. Reaching for a glass. Sneezing or coughing. Flipping over in your bed. Getting out of the bed. Putting on a sweatshirt. Using your toothbrush.

It’s downright amazing how many times you use your neck and upper back muscles for mundane, everyday tasks. I am reminded of these on an hourly basis. They say the second day after a muscular injury is the worst. I say it’s the third by a mile.

But enough complaining — I’m on vacation! This morning I am going to breakfast with my good friend Barjai, then I’m supposed to go to a Winter Solstice bonfire tonight at BFF Kay’s. Not sure I’ll make that, although I’d love to go. Depends on how I feel after the chiropractor. Sheesh. I dunno…I might just drug up and snuggle on the sofa, look at my beautiful Christmas tree lights, and maybe watch Sweeney Todd. You know…some feel-good entertainment.


I want to get back to my fighting weight so I can go pick up Justin and Jake and we can have some Grammie/Grandpa time before the Christmas craziness and travel. I should be fine by tomorrow, I think. Perhaps I’m just a lil upset as well about the extra time it takes for this old bag o’ bones to heal. I swear it didn’t use-ta take me more than three days to start feeling human again.

Upside: I got some major work done on the new district website. Thumbs up on that. Downside: no tap routine choreographed yet. And truthfully, I have to wonder how many neck muscles I will need for shifting a 5-speed vehicle. I guess I’ll find out this morning, yes?

Have a grand Monday — especially those who are stuck going to school today through Wednesday (how stupid is THAT?). Safe travels in the snow.


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