Monday Funday

Yesterday’s post: now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Comment love! Makes me vur vur happy. I take all of you into a big bear hug. Yay! You guys are great.

Actually, the happy factor is a bit of a struggle on this Monday morning. The Browns continue their losing ways, it’s 5:05 a.m., and it’s going to be an insane week. But once I get through Wednesday night the 14th, it’s smooth sailing through January. That makes me want to put on a pointy party hat, grab a cute little parasol, and do a dance while juggling one-handed.

Poor Justin was sick with a fever over the weekend, so Grandpa Thriller and I took Jake Saturday night.  We were busy. First, we drove around and looked at some Christmas lights:

Then we went home, and he made a bee line for his usual activity of choice: our little Casio digital camera. I got it away from him long enough to take a long, leisurely bath, but afterwards, he was back at it:

Of course, he wanted me to get in on the act, so I grabbed the phone and we both took pictures of everything from Aunt Mavis’s Christmas gift to Rousseau sleeping on the floor to the box fan in his bedroom. Then we sat down and compared photos. I’m definitely going to try and get a picture of his face on Christmas Eve, when he opens the box that contains his very own digital camera. Good thing we have extra SD cards. Ha.

The final game of the evening was “Jake Plays Silly Things on the Piano While Grammie Dances.” I think that was his favorite…

And then we were both worn out. It took him about 3 minutes to drift off. It was a great visit, ending with hot chocolate with BFF Kay at Starbucks on Sunday morning, where we met up with Jake’s daddy, who took him home.

So, here we go, and let the circus begin. Nine days of madness; I can do this.


14 thoughts on “Monday Funday

  1. Mavis

    I would have LOVED to see a picture of Grammie dancing!! :-) I’ll tell Jake to take one after he gets his new camera for Christmas. *hehehe*

    Have a great week and stay sane!!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      I’d imagine Jake is going to disappear for awhile with that thing. We can have him be the official Christmas photographer, and give the Thriller a rest! HA

  2. PKPudlin

    Let the circus *begin*????? Sounds like it already has!!

    You must be the best Grammie ever! My kids are afraid to get married and have kids because they know I’ll teach them all sorts of things they don’t want the kids to know…. muuhaahaaahaaaaa……… I’ll get you, my pretty…. and your little dog, too!!!!

    PK – off to face my own madness…. :)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Well friend, I am the luckiest Grammie ever, that’s fo sho! And your daughters will just have to learn to control Grammie PK — you’ll likely have to have supervised visits. LOL

  3. RD

    You have the cutest grandsons, and you are a terrific Grammie. I love the pictures you post of them. In the circus you mentioned, aren’t you the Ringmaster? :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Thanks RD — they are delightful and keep me young! And I am the Ringmaster indeed — of middle school AND high school (same circus, bigger clowns). :P

      1. Rat Fink Post author

        I did know that, sweetness! WordPress needs to update their emoticons.

        I love the last photo — wish I would have done a vid instead. He was laughing his HEAD off. Guess it’s hilarious to watch Grammie dance. HA

  4. Rae

    I’m shootin’ to make it through the 21st of December… that’s when I can box up the rest of this year and label it. Call for more details…


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