Monday morning funnies

Remember the “funny papers?” Dad used to go out early on Sunday mornings, sometimes returning with “Bismarcks” from the bakery, but always with a copy of the Sunday Tribune, which always had an extra-large comics section that I’d scan, until Mother would utter the dreaded phrase, “Come on, girls. Time to get ready for church.” No more lazy.

Anyway, these are as good as funny papers. From Reuters:

1. Some honked-off customer is suing Bank of America for 1,784 billion, trillion dollars. Awesome.


And from random page openings in Schott’s Miscellany (thank you Helen and Lars!):

1. Research from Yale University and the University of California found that those whose first names began with a C or D earned lower grades than those whose names began with an A or B. (The E-Z people got no mention.)

2. “Stars Fell On.” <– that’s what’s written on Alabama’s license plates.

3. State with the most cars per capita: Iowa.

4. According to a 2006 Harrah’s report, the most popular Las Vegas casino game is video poker, with a 74% ranking.

And now, my fiends, I must fly. My day’s over at 8:30 tonight. Yay! (I think)


2 thoughts on “Monday morning funnies

  1. Ross

    The B of A customer reminds me of an alleged Katrina victim who put his request in to FEMA asking for something like three quadrillion dollars. I thought it was hilarious.


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