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Ya know…it must come with age or something. Or gravity, or luck of the draw. One thing’s for sure: arthritis was always an “old person” term for me — until now. To my fiends who don’t suffer with it, I say this: when you see commercials for “relief for arthritis pain” and the like, don’t desensitize yourself, because someday it could be you. I never considered getting it myself, and now that it’s here, arthritis means infinitely more than an annoying commercial during Indians games. Like…the pain is really, really real, and there’s no other pain quite like it. I apologize retroactively to every person who ever told me he or she suffered with arthritis, after which I thought, “stiff, achy joints, but nothing life-threatening.”

Hence, my lucky day today. On the menu this morning is fluoroscopy. Yippy for 6-inch needles in my hip joint (although the physician’s assistant told me it’s not the length of the needle that gets ya, but the circumference). Not that I necessarily have an aversion to needles, mind. (Oy.) Anyway, they’re going to see how much of my pain is arthritis, and how much, if any, is due to soft-tissue damage. The doc gave his plan of attack over the phone yesterday:

  1. Fluoroscopy, maximum of three injections. If that doesn’t work…
  2. Steroids with mild physical therapy. If that doesn’t work…
  3. Arthroscopy to clean up the joint. If that doesn’t work…
  4. Hip resurfacing. If that doesn’t work…
  5. The Grand Salami.

I know all this is a bit on the personal (or TMI) side, but many of you have asked about what’s going on, so I thought I’d update everyone at once. And truthfully, I’m glad to start small on the fixit scale, and work my way up if necessary.

Has anyone had this procedure? If so, please provide gory details. Hugs to all, and thanks for your concern for this creaky hag. And hey, all will be well and dandy this evening — dinner date with Helen and Lars!


4 thoughts on “More icky tests

  1. BoomR

    1. ouch
    2. ouch.ouch
    3. Ouch.Ouch

    I’m wondering if what I’m feeling in my right hip is a little of the same?

    As for #’s 4 & 5, I know plenty of my parents’ friends who have had both of these. Of COURSE not fun/pleasant, but once the pain has subsided & some good P/T, they are able to return to a very full & active life, including golf, tennis, and the like.

    Maybe do a Google search for stories of people who have had #s 4 & 5 to see what their “stories” are. I’m guessing a good dose of seeing the benefit and effect the surgery has on quality of life may help with anxiety around the actual procedure itself???


    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey! We’re getting to be “that age,” you know. Don’t spend 5 months suffering like I did — get it looked at ASAP!

      And truthfully, the fluoroscopy wasn’t that bad at all. A little discomfort, but nothing like what I was expecting/fearing. The best part was the Novocaine. First time I’ve been able to turn out my right leg since November — it was heaven! But now it’s wearing off, drat. The doctor said that the cortisone they gave me should begin to work in about 5 days, and that I should experience *some* relief. I hope so.

      If it comes to #4 & 5, I will definitely search out all the info I can find on it, including message boards and personal reactions. I mean, I know #5 is coming; it’s just a matter of “when.”

      Now if that pain gets any worse, you GET yourself to the doc. So says Dr. Fink. :P

      XO 2 U

  2. PKPudlin

    Awww, so sorry sweetie. It’s no fun getting old. I got the news from my doc yesterday that the big ‘M’ is upon me, so hubby is busy hiding all the sharp objects in the house….

    Arthritis is not exclusively an old-person’s disease; there is such a thing as juvenile arthritis that affects even little babies – it’s another one of those poorly-understood conditions. I have arthritis in both elbows, wrists and hands as a result of my carpal tunnel injury; not as severe as your case I’m sure, but I can certainly empathize! (Hence my dislike for parallel octaves – ouch!!)

    Glad your doc is taking the simple-to-complex route; smart way to go. Good luck and hang in there!



  3. Suzanne

    Hiya!!! Yeah, ouch! Glad to hear that the needle stuff wasn’t as bad as you thought it would. Usually the before thoughts are worse than the actual happening aren’t they?

    The hip-resurfacing sounds like a good deal, I hope it works. :)


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