Muy interesante

Ran across some photographs today. Excellent stuff, although I don’t know what some of them are, as the site was in Romanian. Some are from TIME magazine, and some are from various other places I’ve forgotten about (but I’d be happy to credit you if you’re the photographer).

Click on the picture to bring up a larger version in a new window.

See all those colors? Those are people.
This is one boss stogie.
I could barely keep one going.
Theoretical physicist and longtime quadriplegic Stephen Hawking gets a zero-gravity ride. Cool.
Doesn’t matter what country you’re in – giggly girls are irresistible.
Yes, luv. Some people are really, really, really dumb.
There isn’t enough Lemon Pledge in this world…
Ok, that’s gasoline. What’s wrong with this picture?
Al Gore needs some serious filing cabinet help.

Have yourself a merry little Monday. Time to go educate young minds.

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