On yer mark…

…git set…


The frenzy begins (for the Thriller, anyway) today to get ready for Simone’s wedding, which happens 48 hours hence. Family is in from Texas, excitement mounts, hanging details are snipped, and in between teaching and practicing and two unrelated appointments tomorrow, I am preparing my own bad self for the festivities.

Truthfully? It’ll be nice to forget about school for a day. Well I won’t actually forget about it, but I will file it in the back of my reptilian brain for 24 hours. Big bonus: I will get to see all three of my grandchildren for a somewhat extended period of time. Score!

In the meantime, we practice. And practice.

4 thoughts on “On yer mark…

  1. Mavis

    HAAAAA!!! What a great picture!!!! You’re going to do just fabulous, Bird. I’m really looking forward to the wedding, too. And, such a huge bonus that you have the three boys for a good visit!!! See ya tonight for dinner!

      1. Mavis

        Yes, it was terrific, sweetie! I really enjoyed myself! Don’t worry, you’re going to do just fine, hon. You always do! Love you!


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