Operation Tie-the-Knot

It began last night. My first official wedding gig — baking cake pops for a bride and groom’s reception.

Last night, I baked the three cakes and refrigerated them. Tonight I shall make up the cake pop recipe, put in the sucker sticks, and freeze ’em. Tomorrow night after my concert, they get a chocolate bath, and Friday afternoon, on go the finishing touches and packaging.

Friday night, I go to bed early. :-)

Is it the 28th yet? Just axin’.

4 thoughts on “Operation Tie-the-Knot

  1. RD

    So you’ve added another feature to your wedding gigs. For years that always meant that you were the musician at a wedding. You’re expanding your “franchise”! (Is that punctuation correct? Should it be “franchise!”? :-)

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      For years and years it meant that! Those days are pretty much over, though, haha. I am expanding the “franchise!”

  2. Mavis

    Looking forward to helping out! All of your baking projects have come out fabulously, so no worries there, Bird. I’m sure the bride/groom will be thrilled with the result!

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Looking forward to having you on the assembly line, Mavis! We should get them knocked out in no time. I’m doing the white cake tonight after my concert, then dipping and decorating them Friday. We should be all done before Rae picks them up — at least I hope we are. HA


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