Organized, shmorganized

OK, no joke. I made a list this morning.

As my exams get closer every day, I am sliding ever-so-slightly higher on the freakout scale. I know I won’t pass them this time around, so why get all ate up with the, well, you know…

Still, it’s in my DNA to rail against possible (and, in this case, probable) failure. So I made a list to get me through the day. It reads:

  1. Return emails
  2. Write blog post
  3. Finish rhythm section parts
  4. Write out philosophy question outline
  5. Call Lisa re Schubert analysis
  6. Start chili

As you can see, I’m on #2. Progress!

But the real question is…how long can I keep this up? I have, on the rare occasion, written down a list or two in the past. They always get pushed aside, thrown away, or just ignored. Why am I so disciplined in my rehearsals and where my career is concerned, but I can’t follow a simple list to its completion? That is a question for people with intelligence far above my pay grade, I’m afraid.

So now that #2 is done, it’s time to finish those rhythm section parts, or my bass player (a student) is going to stage a walkout. Regarding my guitar player and drummer (Lars and #1 Son)…they couldn’t care less. They’d sight-read the gig. HA

Fink (crossing) out (list item #2).

3 thoughts on “Organized, shmorganized

  1. PKPudlin

    There’s something inherently wrong with expending the time, energy, space and oxygen to go into an exam KNOWING you will fail. You might as well go in cold.

    Hang in there, my friend.

    1. Rat Fink Post author

      Hey I hear ya, PK. I finally had to decide to just concentrate on one or two basic areas (good advice from Todd H.), and concede temporary defeat on the others. Musicology is at the bottom of the list; I’m really trying to get through theory and music ed. this time around. We shall see….

      How goes the consort?


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