Otro buen dia

I mean, really. How many can we have? :-)

First the good news, then the good news, then the insanity.

Good news: I seem to be through the worst of this ridiculous flu or whatever it was. Yay!

Good news: I received confirmation yesterday that I am now on the adjunct faculty of Kent State University. I’ll be teaching Advanced Choral Methods to students pursuing their Masters in Music Education degree. It’s an online course, so no 60-mile commute.

The insanity: The course starts on the 22nd. Of this month. HAAhahahHaahahaaa

Heh. Haha. Oh, boy.


7 thoughts on “Otro buen dia

  1. Thriller

    I’m so proud…Kent State’s stock just went up.

    …guess we’d better start ordering 5 Hour Energy by the gallon!

    More importantly, how do we fill the void when all projects (concerts/Dinner Theatre/adjunct teaching/yadda/yadda) end?

    How about a winter vacation much like our summer treks…er…except —colder.

  2. Mavis

    YAY!!! I’m so happy that you’re through the worst of that nasty flu. WOW! Congrats on the Kent State gig!!! That’s awesome, sweetie. Soon, but awesome. :-) You can do it, kiddo!

    Hope your Saturnday is a good one. Stay warm! Love you!

  3. RD

    Super overjoyed that you are feeling better. Congrats on becoming adjunct faculty at Kent State. Your students will love you because you’ll give them practical everyday info they can use in their teaching right now. You can use your book as one of the texts!

  4. BoomR

    WOW WOW WOW! CONTRATS on the Kent State gig! SOOooo proud of you & happy for you! And glad that you’re feeling better, too!


  5. Rat Fink Post author

    Hey hey, thank you loved ones! I appreciate your encouragement, and I will do my best at KSU. What I’d really like is to maybe have an online gig when I retire…ya know?

    And RD — for a few days there, I was worried that they read my book and File Thirteened my resume!! LOL


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