Pardon my dust

Well fiends, what do you think?

On a whim yesterday morning, I decided to remodel a bit. The paint was peeling in places, and the joint just needed some brightening up. The theme is called “Renegade,” so that appealed to me as well.

Some photos on the older posts, for some odd reason, aren’t rendering correctly, and there are some tiny customizations here and there that I haven’t gotten around to yet, but all in all I think I like the new look. Definitely a 180 from the original style. Yay for the change-up.

Different on the outside; same old me.

5 thoughts on “Pardon my dust

  1. BoomR

    HOLY CATS! Me likey!! Me likey!!

    …but does Thriller like it? Or could the moustachio shaving be in silent protest to the complete visual upheaval you’ve unleashed here? “Enquiring minds want to know…!!” :-)

  2. Rat Fink Post author

    Thankee BoomR! And amazing — the Thriller does indeed like it. Funny…he came upstairs yesterday and I pointed to the blog screen and said, “Look, I remodeled some stuff; changed the furniture around.” He said, “So did I.” I thought he meant he changed his office around, but then I looked at him grinning. I didn’t even notice at first!! Then he pointed to where the stache used to be and I flipped out. HAA


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