J’ever do something, then wish you hadn’t? Carp.

As you might guess, the tide is threatening to go out with me in it. Rehearsal was a bit stressful last night, as a couple of weak links on the music end kind of peed on the whole evening. That, and a few other things. But hey, tonight is a  new night, and I know we’ll get lots done. We only have 90 minutes to slap this thing in shape before Saturday’s tech rehearsal, so everybody’s gotta be on their best game. ‘Specially me. Oy.

Next day off: Saturday, 2 April. Awesome! :-) I hope all yall’s week is going well. BoomR, going to Manila I see??

Fink, back underground

2 thoughts on “Psh.

  1. BoomR

    Indeed! Going down to see my call center peeps for some cool new Flip stuff that’s in the works for mid-April!

    Hope you get all the moving parts locked in place & in shape for the big opening! I’m pullin’ for ya!! ((HUGGZZZ))


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